NEW C64-game: Survival Messenger Adventure

VCC and T7D have a fresh offering: a new Commodore 64 release – the interactive game Survival Messenger Adventure!

The thesis of the game is simple: you are stranded on an unknown island where you find a mobile phone. The device puts you in contact with a number of strangers from whom you must receive advice via instant chat. But be warned: those you’ll ask for help will not always be as attentive as you’d like! Furthermore, the game is non-linear and can be concluded with multiple solutions, thereby lending it a fair degree of replayability.

Survival Messenger Adventure is an interactive fiction game for the Commodore 64. It also runs well on the VICE emulator, which is available for several systems. The game contains more than 50 hand-pixeled graphics and game music that matches the scenery. It also comes with a fastloader that works in the emulator, but also supports the VC 1541, Ultimate, and SD2IEC on real hardware.

If you’re interested in this retro adventure, you can download Survival Messenger Adventure from CSDb – or play it online, directly in the browser.

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