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AUDIO: Detective X – An Interactive Amazon & Google Adventure

Detective X is an audio work of interactive fiction, released for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, developed by the Toronto-based Budgie voice app design studio. Do you have what it takes to catch a killer? Or will the killer catch you? The chase is on in Detective X! A choose-your-own-adventure-style thriller with roots in narrative-driven …

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INTERVIEW: A Mug’s Gamebook Podcast

A Mug’s Gamebook is an immersive podcast, where listeners can enjoy the creator Tom Bartlett and his guests playing through classic gamebooks. With Bartlett’s professional background as a sound recordist, along with his nostalgic childhood adoration of vintage gamebooks, it’s a match made in audio heaven for interactive fiction fans and those new to the …

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Gamebook playthroughs – Part 2

Following on from our earlier article about Fighting Fantasy playthroughs, here’s a broader selection of audio and video adventures covering many different series (including more Fighting Fantasy), from classics such as Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf gamebooks to modern role-playing solos for D&D 5th Edition and Call of Cthulhu. The Dark Eye [Ulisses International] Ulisses International …

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Fighting Fantasy playthroughs

Watching, listening and interacting with someone else playing a gamebook is an entertaining way to experience our favourite pastime. With modern technology, the internet, and numerous social platforms making it relatively easy to share content and connect with a worldwide audience, quite a few online content creators have produced videos, streams, podcasts and audience-influenced playthroughs …

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RETRO: Rollercoaster, and text adventure/FMV games

Interactive fiction, readable as what we may now describe as a narrative ‘gamebook’, became a relatively commonplace form of entertainment during the 1970s and early ’80s. Some of the earliest choice-based stories are from the Tracker Books series by Transworld Publishers in the UK. One of their first published titles is 1972’s Secret of the …

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