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Core Runner

Core Runner is a single player non-linear cyberpunk adventure that takes place in a post-apocalyptic city’s industrial zone. Its exploratory gameplay consists of variable interactive fiction implementing unique dice mechanics that provide high replayability. The player acts as a core runner; a hired agent gathering power cores from derelict electronics for profit. The player’s excursion …

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JULY ROUND-UP: Magicians, Mages and a Messiah

This month we have news about forthcoming print gamebooks; interactive games playable on PC, Mac and in your web browser; an audio adventure for Alexa; and a solo storytelling game. • • •Draw Nine Draw Nine is a short narrative Twine game created by Damon L. Wakes, in which you play the role of a …

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APRIL ROUND-UP: new and upcoming

Tunnels & Trolls Adventures Hot Pursuit has been expanded as per Golden Dust, Red Death – it’s now a full-length adventure, with more to discover, battle and outsmart. The price has been raised for the new content, but you get it all for FREE if you’ve already bought it! New dangers and rewards lurk in …

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