NEW iOS game: Night in the Unpleasant House

Unmapped Path is releasing Night in the Unpleasant House, an interactive mystery story for iOS.

Night in the Unpleasant House is a branching work of interactive fiction – a twisted tale of loss, revenge, local politics, and pseudoscience.

It’s been ten years since your father disappeared after learning a dark secret about his boss, the town’s Mayor. After working your way into the Mayor’s good graces, you’ve at last discovered the location of his often whispered-of house — a place where his enemies vanish, only to return as gibbering mindless lumps… if they return at all.

During their night exploring the house, players will try to uncover the secrets the Mayor has strived to bury and find out what happened to their father. Or maybe they won’t! Perhaps they’ll instead befriend the Mayor and fully entwine themselves with his cruel reign.

Night in the Unpleasant House features thirteen different endings, multiple choices, and hand-drawn illustrations by Joel Haddock. It leverages Unmapped Path‘s own Disbound platform which brings Twine games to mobile devices.

Unmapped Path was founded by Chris Klimas and Joel Haddock in 2016, to focus more on the development of technology to leverage Twine for deeper mobile experiences, as well as to create games using that technology.

Unmapped Path‘s first project was working with the Shakespeare Theatre Company in Washington, D.C., to produce an interactive exploration of Othello in conjunction with their staging of the play. They then worked on mobile and Steam ports of Andrew Schneider’s Nocked! True Tales of Robin Hood as well as a collaboration with writer J. A. Konrath to create websites supporting his Stop a Murder e-book series.

Night in the Unpleasant House is Unmapped Path‘s first game written and produced entirely internally. It is scheduled to be released on June 29, 2020.

  • For iOS devices
  • Thirteen different endings based on the player’s decisions during the night
  • Hand-drawn illustrations
  • Firmly grounded in modern pseudoscience

Check the official site for more information and to purchase the game in the near future.

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