Kickstarter: Myrrk Book One: The Blighted Well

Myrrk Book One: The Blighted Well, written and illustrated by UK-based illustrator Joe McEvoy, is being launched on Kickstarter.

Myrrk is a unique fantasy adventure gamebook that features isometric illustrations. The story is set in a chaotic world called Hexwynd that has been ravaged by warfare and thrown into an age of darkness and sorcery.

Within the book each paragraph entry features its own original isometric artwork. The book is full color, A5 sized spanning over 220 paragraphs. The Kickstarter will launch on June 25.

You begin by creating a character from one of the starting classes – Warrior, Spellcaster or Rogue – using dice rolls. As the Hero you must venture deep into dungeons, underground sewers, abandoned shrines, wild woodlands, seek out hidden caverns and concealed chambers, and swim deep through underwater tunnels, all in aid of completing your quest.

There are over 50 individual Items to collect ranging from weapons, armour, spell scrolls and potions to magical items and rare enchanted artefacts.

Over 20 unique spells to learn and cast including devastating attacks such as Ethereal bolt and Frost blast to being able create portals, summon beasts to fight on your behalf, tame wild beasts to the ability to Scrye to gain insight on the enemy.

Your Hero can rest, heal, repair damaged and worn items, trade, sell, converse with characters, recruit mercenaries and form alliances.

You will face a horde of fearsome foes, ranging from disease ridden sewer rats, flesh eating leeches, wild beasts, troops of orcs, blood thirsty mercenaries, tentacled lurkers, terrifying trolls, cunning evil mages and many more.

The game is influenced by 80-90s fantasy RPGs and by the Fighting Fantasy gamebook series. However it takes other influences from isometric video games such as Diablo, Solstice, Immortal and Knightlore. Other influences include the Heroquest board game, Ultima Underworld and the classic British 90s children’s TV programme Knightmare.

The Myrrk solo gamebook also includes additional rules so that it can be played as a 2-5 player game and even played as a tabletop game using miniatures.

The book will be self published through Ram Skull games. There are no current plans to reprint or supply Myrrk to any retail chains after the Kickstarter. However the intention is to write further Myrrk books continuing the story and using an open world system.

Visit the Kickstarter to get your copy of Myrrk Book One: The Blighted Well.

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