Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf developed as interactive TV series

Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf will hit your TV screen as an interactive live-action series!

UK based production company ChorMedia together with Holmgard Ltd are adapting Lone Wolf, Variety reports.

Neil Chordia (Urban Hymn) and Ben Dever (Joe Dever’s son) are executive producers, bringing the fictional world of Magnamund to life.

Since this will be an interactive series — using the same, or similar technology as Netflix’s Bandersnatch — the story will evolve depending on choices you make.

The series is based on the adventures of Lone Wolf — the last surviving member of the Order of the Kai, an ancient organisation of warrior monks who have mastered various natural and supernatural abilities.

Variety writes that the live-action series is currently in active development. There is no official release date.

“‘Lone Wolf’ is a special project for me, as I grew up with the gamebooks and always dreamed of seeing a live-action version on the screen,” Chordia told Variety.

“The success of Netflix’s ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch,’ showed that the technology now exists to add the interactive element to Lone Wolf and bring the beloved series to a whole new generation of fantasy fans and make them part of the adventure.” Chordia elaborated.

GBN will follow this project closely, so stay tuned for more information about Magnamund coming to life.

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