Gamebook release: Straight to Hell

Straight to Hell is the first book in David Lowrie’s Hellscape series, where you take on the identity of Kommandant Ulrac De-Villiers, a seasoned crusader of twenty years who is feared for both his strength in arms and his staunch beliefs. 

As an experienced campaigner who has committed any number of atrocities in God’s name, you find yourself commanding a small force that is sent to the eighth continent on a crucial mission to defend the church, the cosmos, and even Heaven itself from a portal linking the world with the Hellscape. If this portal is not closed, then the world could be pulled into the hellish dimension – the home of devils, demons, and countless numbers of the damned – and be forever lost to the cruel dominion of The Dark Ones! 

Straight to Hell has an unholy 666 sections that span over 400 pages and include 40 full-page black and white illustrations as well as filler art. There is also a full game system, where players have a number of attributes such as fighting skill, faith, intelligence, fitness and agility, all of which will be tested as you try to negotiate your way through the Hellscape. The gamebook also includes rules for basic and advanced combat.

As you journey through the Hellscape, you will meet all manner of demons and creatures. Some may help you, but many will mean you harm. Falling foul of such entities may see you die in any one of 69 different ways – each more gruesome than the last. Suffice to say, this gamebook is aimed more at adult readers!

Straight to Hell is intended to be the first book in a trilogy in which you play Kommandant Ulrac De-Villiers, and where items that do not seem immediately useful may well prove vital in future instalments. The series is set in the same world as David Lowrie’s Shadow Thief (Book One of that series, Jailbreak, is available on Amazon) and though reading both books will reveal overlaps, each book may be enjoyed independently.  

Straight to Hell is due to be released on Amazon on the 6th June. In the meantime, the author is putting a taster of the first sections of the gamebook on his Facebook page – The Hellscape Gamebook Series – which readers may ask to join. Special offers for a package of the book, two custom D6 and a signed, personalised bookplate with a sketch are also available.

Here are some comments on Straight to Hell so far:

“A demonic welcome to the richly-crafted world of the Hellscape.” Victoria Hancox, author of Nightshift and The Alchemists Folly.

“A dark and disturbing journey through the very depths of hell itself, where human souls suffer a plethora of unspeakable torments. I enjoyed every minute of it!” Rob Hatton, of the Facebook page “Fighting Fantasy Roulette of Death” fame.

“A proper grown-up gamebook. Throw in some innovative touches you are left with a very compelling, detailed experience that you will not want to end. Stunning achievement by a new author.” James Spearing, My Gamebook Adventures.

Coming soon! An interview with David Lowrie, the author and artist of Straight to Hell.

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