NEWSBYTE: “Ice Gift Hunt”; 5e solo “Shipwrecked” and more from Hosted Games.

Several online gamebooks have recently been released – but there are also some new additions to 5e, all of which are covered in this newsbyte.

Shipwrecked is an interactive narrative solo adventure for level 1 5e characters. It is written by Blaise Wigglesworth with art by Anja Svare.

Barely surviving a storm at sea, a novice adventurer wakes on a tiny tropical island. A mysterious ally offers guidance through many perils as the adventurer engages in a life or death struggle to escape!

The 24-page PDF file includes full colour battle maps for every combat encounter, suggestions for expanding the adventure into a standard multiplayer module, and adjustments to play with two players.

The Shipwrecked solo adventure is available at DriveThruRPG.

Ice Gift Hunt is a free play-in-the-browser gamebook adventure based on the sci-fi webcomic Gifts of Wandering Ice. You can play the adventure even if you have not read the comic. Ice Gift Hunt and Gifts of Wandering Ice are created by Russian sci-fi and fantasy writer Olga Makarova.

Gifts of Wandering Ice is a sci-fi story set in a green post-apocalyptic world, where the apocalypse has made people better. They now live in a peaceful matriarchal society where wars are forgotten and human life is valued greatly.

Play the solo adventure at the official site and read the online comic here.

Hosted Games (Choice of Games) just released Journey Into Darkness and AI – Aftermath – two new gamebooks available on Android and on iOS in the “Choice of Games” app.

AI – Aftermath is a 36,000 word interactive science fiction novel by Ivailo Daskalov, where your choices control the story. It’s entirely text-based —without graphics or sound effects.

You set out on a mission of saving the world from an imminent apocalypse caused by malevolent AI activity. Along the way, you’ll meet your lover and help them choose who they are in this incarnation. Together, convince the forces of heaven and a beautiful fairy being to help you in your mission.

  • Play as male or female, gay or straight.
  • Rediscover your eternal love.
  • Choose between his/her four aspects.
  • Wield psionic powers.
  • Recover from the traumas of AI wars.
  • Change the timeline to a better one…or not.

Journey into Darkness is a challenging 50,000 word interactive fantasy novel by Jonathan Clark. As with AI – Aftermath, Journey into Darkness is also entirely text-based, without sound effects, but includes eight full size colour linocut illustrations and six smaller handmade stamp illustrations within the adventure.

Embark on a Victorian adventure that begins in the heart of London and takes you across the world in a race to obtain a fabled jewel with mysterious powers. Navigate the deadly river Mjaa Nto and twisted jungle paths where danger lurks beneath the surface and around every corner.

Will you find the right path and the knowledge you need to succeed or will you succumb to the darkness?

  • Play as male or female.
  • Travel to exotic locations.
  • Solve the puzzle of the one true path.
  • Fight monsters and other horrors.
  • Endure the sarcasm of your traveling companions.
  • Awaken an ancient cosmic horror.

You can play AI – Aftermath and Journey Into Darkness at Hosted Games‘ official website.

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