Hero Kids: The Magical Armory Solo Gamebook

Bix Six Adventures recently released the first solo adventure for the Hero Kids roleplaying game system.

Hero Kids is a fantasy roleplaying game and rule system developed by Hero Forge Games, to help parents introduce roleplaying games to their kids. This is mainly aimed at kids aged four to ten. As such, it has a cuter, more comic-based illustration approach and it avoids overly complex rules and maths.

With the introduction of The Magical Armory Solo Gamebook, the system is used for solo gameplay – something Bix Six Adventures explains is a new feature.

Go on a quest to find a secret dwarven armory. On this quest you will fight off a goblin invasion, have the choice to duel an orc pirate, and encounter terrifying monsters.

The Magical Armory Solo Gamebook is based on the fantasy gamebooks that were popular in the ’80s and ’90s. The downloadable 85-page PDF allows you to make multiple choices and decisions about how your adventure unfolds. You will need dice ready for skill checks and combat encounters. It is compatible with the Hero Kids RPG system, and to take advantage of this compatibility, you will need the Hero Kids core rules.

This particular adventure is designed for kids aged 10+ to read on their own. Parents can also read the book to a younger child and have the child make decisions in the story and roll the dice.

The PDF also includes four “mini-adventures”, to be used with the Hero Kids system.

Bix Six Adventure’s The Magical Armory Solo Gamebook uses the Hero Kids trademark (owned by Justin Halliday) with permission.

Illustrations are created by Jeshields of JEStockArt.

Hero Kids is an award winning game system that might be too simple for hardcore gamers – but if you’re looking for a great introduction to roleplaying games, that can involve the whole family, this might be a great place to start.

You can purchase The Magical Armory Solo Gamebook at DriveThruRPG.

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