The Alchemist’s Folly

A horror-themed gamebook with plenty of gore and violence, Victoria Hancox’s The Alchemist’s Folly is an interactive adventure where you’ll quickly find yourself caught in a desperate struggle to survive, attempting to determine just who the real monsters truly are. Can you save yourself and all the Discarded Ones? Do you have what it takes to be a true hero? Or are you actually your own worst enemy?

Similar in structure and gameplay to Victoria’s first gamebook, the highly regarded Nightshift, progress through The Alchemist’s Folly relies on solving puzzles and the intelligent use of clues, rather than relying on the fortune of dice rolls to determine your fate. The only luck needed is in choosing the right path…

Today’s the day! All you have to do is make it through the interview and the dream job at Bio-Imperium is yours. Just imagine – the respect, the Nobel Prize for Medicine and, let’s not forget, the salary. It’s about time you had some recognition for your talents.

Only, this day isn’t turning out quite as you expected and you’ve got the sneaking suspicion that Professor Rubedo has very different plans for you. Trapped with freaks of nature and man-made monsters, you need to stay alive long enough to thwart the twisted dreams of the Professor. After all, this job isn’t about saving the world; it’s about controlling it. In this quagmire of deceit and subterfuge, you are not a hero. You’re just a self-centred scientist who’s bitten off more than they can chew! Maybe you can use your wits to extricate yourself from this megalomaniac’s madness. We’ll see…

There’s a difference with this interactive battle though. There’s no dice to throw and no battles to fight. What you need is what you already have – knowledge, skills, memory and a pencil. You just might make it out if you can piece together the clues and figure out the puzzles. Will you escape the alchemist’s folly?

The Alchemist’s Folly is a 345-page / 400-paragraph book featuring four possible endings with varying degrees of success. The Alchemist’s Folly can be purchased online from Amazon in paperback or for Kindle.

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  1. Wendy collier

    This book is brilliant, just as good as Nightshift, if not better. It keeps you
    In suspense to the very end. Victoria Hancox has an amazing imagination. Can’t wait for another book.

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