Nightshift: Choose your path and face the consequence

Victoria Hancox’s Nightshift is a horror-based gamebook with plenty of gore and violence. Your progress through this nightmarish interactive adventure relies on successfully solving puzzles and noting the provided clues, rather than fortunate dice rolls. The only luck needed is in choosing the right path…  

It started like any other night at the hospital, but an unexpected and terrifying attack forces you from the nightshift into another world. One that looks like yours, but most definitely isn’t. This is his world – created only for the purpose of harvesting body parts and their powers. And now, he’s after you.

Amongst the x-rays, operating rooms and mortuary, you’ll meet witches and demons, ghosts and assassins. Some want you dead but others can help you. If you explore in all the right places, you may find some invaluable items, and you just might discover who you are up against and how to find the exit.

If you do manage to get out though, you’ll soon realise that your problems are far from over. It’s now not a question of where you are but when you are, and in order to find a way back home, you’re going to have to get your hands dirty. Heads will roll!

In this adventure, you are not a hero. You’re just a hospital worker caught in the middle of a nightmare – will you be able to use your wits and survive? You’ve patched up gunshot wounds, plated broken bones and drained abscesses. Sometimes, you’ve spent the entire night watching TV, feeling bored and just willing the phone to ring. Waiting for something to happen. But what if something did happen? What will you do when your ordinary routine is turned upside down?

There’s a difference with this adventure though. In Nightshift there are no attributes to choose, no dice to throw and no battles to fight. You won’t get through by being lucky and you definitely do not possess spells or swords. What will get you through to the end of the nightshift is what you already have: knowledge, skills, memory and a pencil. Take notes of all the evidence and hints you find, and if you can piece together the clues and figure out the puzzles, we may see you on the other side!

Nightshift is violent tale of horror, mystery and consequence. It consists of 289 pages and 400 sections, with space provided at the back of the book for writing down details of any evidence found or objects collected – doing so will be essential if you are to reach a successful ending.

Nightshift is available in paperback from Amazon (UK & US). Visit Victoria Hancox’s website for more information about her various publications, and while you’re there take a look at her blog, where she posts book reviews and provides strategies and tips for writing your own interactive adventures.

UPDATE: Nightshift is now also available for Kindle from Amazon (UK & US).

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