KICKSTARTER: Graphic Novel Adventures – Season 3

The third collection of Van Ryder Games’ Graphic Novel Adventures is now seeking funding via Kickstarter. Following on from the success of the two previous campaigns, GNA returns with five more books featuring all-new adventures. Become the star of a graphic novel, where text and graphics combine to create a visual sensory experience with the story shaped by the choices YOU make.

In Your Theme Park, you are in charge of building an amusement park filled with rides and attractions.

In Lilly Van Helsing you’ll take on the role of a young Monster Hunter working for the Silent Night security company. It is up to you to keep your clients safe from werewolves, vampires and other things that go bump in the night.

You’re going to need to put the kids to bed before you start playing Hold Up – it’s for mature audiences only. Go from the outhouse to the penthouse by robbing, tricking or killing whoever you need to in order to make it to the top.

In Pirates: The Cursed Isle the Captain has a map that leads to a secluded island where a strange curse has befallen its inhabitants. Left hopeless, they turn to you to find a way to lift the curse. Can you solve the mystery and survive the dangers of the island?

In Sherlock Holmes: The Shadow of Jack the Ripper reprise your role as the world’s greatest consulting detective or his trusted companion, Dr. Watson. Ten years after the terrible Whitechapel murders, a killer strikes again. Is it the notorious Jack the Ripper or are we dealing with a copycat killer?

These hardcover visual gamebooks are an incredible gaming experience – accessible even to those that have never previously played an interactive adventure. Most of the books are for one player, but they can easily be enjoyed with another if you choose!

Product Highlights:

  • Zero setup time. Open the book and begin playing. Start and stop at will.
  • They tell a cohesive and engaging story.
  • Include puzzles, riddles, hidden numbers, and other challenges.
  • The books feature a variety of themes and storylines, each with different gameplay.
  • Individual books suited for a variety of readers: All Ages, Teen & Up, and Mature. Check the ratings shown on the Kickstarter page.

Several add-ons are also available: new colour bookmarks for Season 3; and the prequel to the Sherlock series, Sherlock Holmes: The Beginning (previously offered as part of The Baker Street Irregulars Kickstarter campaign), where you step into Dr. Watson’s shoes and lead the investigation to uncover the mystery of a famous author’s untimely death. Plus, if you missed Seasons 1 or 2, or need to fill gaps in your collection, you can also add previously released sets or individual books to your pledge.

The Graphic Novel Adventures – Season 3 Kickstarter is already supported by over 600 backers, and has easily achieved its funding target. Visit the Van Ryder Games website for downloads and further information about all of the GNA gamebooks.

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