The Soul Stone War

The Soul Stone War from Hosted Games is a thrilling 487,000-word interactive fantasy adventure by Morgan Vane, where you get to fight epic battles, acquire mythical power, find love and determine the fate of the world in your search for the all-powerful Soul Stones.

You can play as any gender, romance different characters and individualise your character in many ways. The game places an emphasis on the relationships between your main character and your companions, but with some ass-kicking fun thrown in for good measure, balancing emotional storytelling and exciting action!

You are a person on the run from your past, and no matter how far or fast you go, you cannot outrun your destiny. In this epic journey, it’s not just your life that hangs in the balance. Ancient artifacts of untold power are waking up from their millennia-old sleep, and whoever controls them will help mould the shape of your world.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery, sacrifice and heroism, meet the people that are bound to you through the threads of fate, fall in love or fall into despair. Will you rise up to the challenge that is to be a Soul Stone Wielder? Or will you allow the world to be shrouded in darkness? The choice is yours.

  • Play as female, male or non-binary; straight, gay or bisexual.
  • Be chosen by an all-powerful artifact – a Soul Stone – assuming the form of eight different weapons and six different gemstones.
  • Choose one of three different backgrounds, each one of them unique and providing different content for your roleplaying needs.
  • Meet a cast of distinct characters – a prickly warrior, a mischievous she-elf, a half-dragon woman, a gentle noble with a dark past, and the mysterious antagonist. Forge friendships or fall in love with each of them individually or in three different polyamorous relationships.
  • Do battle with fierce enemies, and grow in strength using your combat or magical prowess, your wits or persuasion. Become the Stone Wielder you’re meant to be against impossible odds.
  • Immerse yourself in a world of magic, sacrifice and love, where your choices will determine the very fate of the world.

The Soul Stone War is the first part of a larger series, which is planned to span many books. You can play the first three chapters of the game for FREE online, or purchase the full game via Steam, for Android, and on iOS in the Hosted Games Omnibus app. The Soul Stone War is currently available at 30% off until March 12th. Buy directly at Amazon, or visit the Hosted Games website for all purchasing options.

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