Psy High 2: High Summer

Choice of Games has released their latest interactive fiction game by Rebecca Slitt – Psy High 2: High Summer – the sequel to her 2014 title, Psy High. This 270,000-word teen supernatural mystery adventure follows events from the first game, with the choices made by returning players making a genuine difference in this continuing storyline. Kingsport itself might be much the same as it was at the beginning, or it may now be very different, while meaningful friendships and romances carry forward with the passage of time.

One year after saving Kingsport High at the junior prom, you’ve graduated, and you’re working as a counsellor at a sleepaway camp before heading off to college. Your power to read minds certainly comes in handy when you’re in charge of a cabin full of nine- and ten-year-olds! You’re responsible for taking care of them and teaching them everything you know. But you’re also enjoying a summer of freedom: you’re away from your parents and on your own.

Camp Cedarcrest has its share of mysteries. Why do the people in the camp’s photos look like they never age? Why is the groundskeeper always lurking on the edges of the camp? Why can’t your friends remember what happened last summer? And what about the ghost stories? Generations of campers tell stories about seeing ‘the White Lady’ floating through the woods.

All your friends from Kingsport High (and their powers) are just a text away: you can always look to your best friend for support, ask the editor of the school newspaper to help with research, or sneak a date with your hometown sweetheart.

But in order to make it through the summer, you’ll have to find the truth about Camp Cedarcrest. And when you discover a powerful source of time magic, you also learn that it comes with a high price. How far are you willing to go to preserve or destroy it?

  • Play as male, female, or nonbinary; gay, straight or bi.
  • Find summer love with your co-counsellor or a mysterious stranger; or deepen your relationship with your high school sweetheart.
  • Sing songs around the campfire, eat s’mores, make friendships that will last forever.
  • Learn magic from a powerful mentor, and teach magic to a new generation.
  • Earn your campers’ love – or just ignore them and have your own fun.
  • Win Colorwars!
  • Save Camp Cedarcrest – or shut it down for good
  • Explore a secretive society and its powerful magic.
  • Be a good influence on your campers, or teach them to be troublemakers, just like you.

Psy High 2: High Summer is now available for Steam, Android, and on iOS in the Omnibus app, or play the first three chapters online for FREE. Visit the Choice of Games website for further details. The game is currently on sale at 35% off until August 22nd.

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