KICKSTARTER: Sleeping Gods

Ryan Laukat’s latest board game, Sleeping Gods, is an immense, open-world, interactive storybook adventure for 1-4 players. Fight enemies, level up, and build your inventory in a game featuring over 400 unique cards, and a narrative storybook offering 1000s of possible choices.

In Sleeping Gods, you and up to three friends become Captain Sofi Odessa and her crew, lost in a strange world in 1929 after your steamship, the Manticore, is hit by a terrible storm. Now with unfamiliar stars overhead, you must work together to survive, exploring exotic islands, meeting new characters, and seeking out the totems of the gods so that you can return home.

Survive the dangers of the Wandering Sea and find eight totems before time runs out and a giant monster, the Hectakron, destroys your ship. The gods of the Wandering Sea have summoned you to find their totems so they can awaken from their centuries-long slumber. The Hectakron, however, does not wish the gods to awaken, and is slowly following you, gathering strength to destroy your ship.

Welcome to a vast world. Your journey starts now.

Sleeping Gods is a campaign game ~ Each session can last as long as you want. Mark your progress on a journey log sheet when taking a break, making it easy to return to the same place the next time you play. Play solo or with friends, easily swapping players in and out at will. Your goal is to find at least eight totems hidden throughout the world. Like reading a book, you’ll complete this journey one or two hours at a time, discovering new lands, stories and challenges along the way.

Sleeping Gods is an atlas game ~ Each page of the atlas represents only a small portion of the world you can explore. When you reach the edge of a page and you want to continue in the same direction, you simply turn to a new page and sail onward.

Sleeping Gods is a storybook game ~ Each new location holds wild adventure, hidden treasures, and vivid characters. Your choices affect the characters and the plot of the game and may help or hinder your chances of getting home!


  • Explore a massive, open world in a game atlas of connecting maps (26 pages in total).
  • Includes a novel-length storybook to read as you explore, filled with danger, discovery and intrigue.
  • Level up your crew members over a 10-20 hour campaign.
  • Play multiple campaigns to unlock secrets and discover hidden treasures. It will take many campaigns to explore the entire world.
  • The cooperative play allows players to jump in or out with ease, and the flexible game system allows you to stop and save your game at any time.
  • Fight ferocious beasts with a unique diceless combat system that rewards good planning. 
  • Story decisions have deep and lasting consequences. A village might burn to the ground because you want to protect your crew. A desperate captain might seek revenge when you can’t help rescue his wife. The game includes hundreds of quests, each with multiple outcomes.
  • 1-4 players, ages 13+

Sleeping Gods is a game of strategy and adventure, designed to be a challenging experience. Gain new knowledge and greater experience with every campaign to help expand your understanding of the Wandering Sea and better prepare yourself for your next game. Strategically manage your crew’s skills and abilities, fatigue level, status and overall health; monitor your crew’s morale and the Manticore’s damage level; overcome challenges; gain quests and keywords; locate desired resources; activate Adventure and Market Cards; and log important information for future reference as you travel through the game’s many regions.

Sleeping Gods’ storybook includes numbered sections noted on the game atlas at locations able to be explored. These narrative paragraphs may require you to make choices and turn to following story numbers, complete challenges, and/or participate in diceless combat against dangerous enemies.

The Sleeping Gods Kickstarter campaign has already surpassed its funding goal and unlocked a fantastic quantity of stretch goal upgrades and bonuses, including: new enemies for myriad combinations in battles; new pages of stories for extra adventure; more level cards and ability cards to give your characters special skills, actions and attacks; a pre-painted plastic miniature of the Manticore (in addition to the cardboard token); custom wooden track markers; extra log sheets; a cardboard card organizer with a magnetic closure and foam for sorting card types; component and current campaign boxes; and the Dungeons expansion (not available in the retail version), containing hidden locations to explore, each filled with puzzles, monsters, treasure and danger!

A game expansion, titled Tides of Ruin (also available as part of the Kickstarter), adds new stories and quests to the base game, unlocking previously inaccessible regions of the complete atlas.

To be published by Red Raven Games, the Sleeping Gods Kickstarter campaign concludes on August 30th. Visit the Red Raven Games website to learn more about their complete range of imaginative, family-friendly board games.

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