Tables of Doom: 5E Solo Adventuring

5e Solo Gamebooks have released a new type of solo adventuring, and unlike their previous gamebooks (The Death Knight’s Squire and Tyrant of Zhentil Keep), Tables of Doom uses a free-form game system that relies on dice rolls and tables (hence the name) to randomly generate monsters, traps, clues, encounters, secret doors and loot. Final encounters are managed through descriptive gamebook-style entries, but everything else is randomly generated, meaning that every new attempt will result in an entirely different experience.

Tables Of Doom contains two short solos: Shadows Gather and Brain Dead. Designed as short quests (2 hours max for each), these adventures are for Level 2 Player Characters of any race or class, with both taking place on the Dragon Coast of Faerun. They can be played solo using one or two PCs (2 Level 1 PCs or 1 Level 2 PC), or you can invite a friend to join in and adventure together. Tables Of Doom is the first release of a series to be written in this new random style, with the ultimate aim of producing a set of adventures that provide players with a linear progression from Level 2 through to Level 20.

Tables of Doom is largely made up of randomly generated locations and effects, where the player rolls dice to determine a location’s exact features, known as ‘facets’. Every location has a separate printable map for placing tokens and tracking movement, and all enemies encountered have full Combat Sheets that detail specific traits, attacks and tactics.

Are you ready for a new type of solo adventuring where nothing is certain and death waits just around the corner?

Shadows Gather:
While in the village of Thornbrook, you hear rumours of a demonic ritual from a local gnome. You must travel to a dilapidated mansion and stop a mad mage before he brings down chaos and destruction on the unsuspecting villagers!

Brain Dead:
Travelling to the large port town of Westgate, you head straight to the Mercenary’s Guild where a large reward is being offered to get to the bottom of a troubling mystery. Something strange is going on in the Catacombs beneath the city

Tables of Doom is available to download online from Dungeon Masters Guild. For more information about solo D&D adventuring, join the Dungeons & Dragons Solo Adventures Facebook group, where you can find further 5E solo products, discussion and other useful resources.

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