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Fighting Fantasy Audio Drama: The Series

A multi-episode series of the officially-licensed Fighting Fantasy audio dramas will now be produced by Fox Yason Music Productions Limited, as their current Kickstarter campaign has already been successfully funded by over 200%.

Following on from last year’s successful launch of the first episode, The Warlock of Firetop Mountain: The Hero’s Quest, four new quests will now be created, inspired by the gamebooks The Forest of Doom, The Citadel of ChaosDeathtrap Dungeon, and The Creature of Havoc. These adventures will take the form of 4 x 50 minute episodes, with each available as a digital download and a physical CD.

The Kickstarter for Fighting Fantasy Audio Drama: The Series concludes on April 9th, so there’s still plenty of time available to add your pledge. You can find further information about the series here, where you can also listen to a trailer of The Warlock of Firetop Mountain: The Hero’s Quest.


The Fielder’s Choice

Choice of Games has released a new 115,000-word interactive baseball novel by Nathaniel Edwards: The Fielder’s Choice.

Grab a glove and pitch your way to the top of the major leagues! Baseball season is back and you’re on the mound. Starting your career as a rookie pitcher, you’ll develop your repertoire and navigate clubhouse politics in the big leagues. Over eight seasons, you’ll use your talent and charisma to win on—and off—the field.

Your talented arm will take you places you’ve never seen, and introduce you to some of the most driven athletes on the planet. Do you have the massive dedication to succeed in the big leagues, or will you resort to a little bit of cheating? Will you be baseball’s biggest stat geek or the master of hustle and grit? Will you develop an on-field persona that terrifies hitters or a cuddly exterior that lulls them to sleep? Will you go down in history as a Hall of Fame ace or a live arm that fizzled on the big stage? When your lifelong baseball dreams come true, someone else may have to lose everything they’ve ever worked toward.

You can play the first two chapters of The Fielder’s Choice online for free, or play the full game via Steam or as an app. Visit the Choice of Games website for further details.


Tunnels & Trolls Adventures: City of Terrors

A new campaign arc for advanced T&T characters has begun within MetaArcade’s Tunnels & Trolls Adventures, where you get the chance to explore Gull, The City of Terrors. The first adventure released in this new arc is Road to Gull:

Fleeing the assassins of Kasar’s Grand Duke Ravasz in Caravan to Tiern, you take passage on a ship leaving the port. At the outset of the adventure, your ship crashes on the isle of Phoron, leaving you shipwrecked and alone, hoping to find your way back to civilization. You have to march along the shores of Phoron, what can possibly go wrong?

Also, the adventure Golden Dust, Red Death has now been expanded to a full-length solo, featuring new art and achievements, and with plenty more to explore, fight and find. And, if you’ve already purchased it, you’ll get all the new content absolutely FREE, so there’s no reason not to revisit it.

Golden Dust, Red Death is now the 2nd adventure in the City of Terrors campaign, continuing the journey that began in Road to Gull. Now you’ll have a chance to explore a bit more of Gull – though perhaps its seedier side. You’ll probably be recruited to deliver some illegal substances and could get in some big trouble with the Rogues’ Guild or the city guards. So watch your step, and don’t trust everyone you meet. Come to think of it, in Gull, you may not be able to trust anyone you meet!

The Tunnels & Trolls Adventures app is available on iOS and Android. Further information can be found at MetaArcade’s blog.


Lone Wolf: Sommerlund City Maps

Åskfågeln’s Kickstarter campaign for 10 poster-sized maps of Joe Dever’s world of Lone Wolf is already well beyond its funding target, and is now unlocking new stretch goals of additional maps and artwork. These detailed, hand drawn maps by Italian cartographer Francesco Mattioli include the notable cities of Holmgard, Anskaven, Toran, Tyso, Moytura, Ruanon and Silvershore, plus maps of Sommerlund, the Kai Monastery and the Sommer Isles.

Each map will be printed as a separate poster, with sizes varying. Holmgard – the biggest and most detailed map – is 90 x 66 cm, while 5 of the other maps are 70 x 50 cm and the last 4 are 50 x 35 cm. All of the maps will be delivered in a map tube, allowing them to be rolled rather than folded. Additionally, map sets (of 7 or 10) will be sent in a tube specially made for the project, which will be printed with a unique cover.

The Kickstarter campaign ends on March 28th.


Omen Exitio: Plague

Tiny Bull Studios has released their narrative-based Cthulhu-inspired mystery adventure, Omen Exitio: Plague, which had been successfully Kickstarted in November 2016.

Zanzibar, 1896. Dr. Jake Huntington enlisted in the army to forget the loss of his wife. Yet something sinister and ancient is about to overturn his life forever. Shadows that inhabit the confines of reality seem to converge all in one point: a terrifying disease that threatens to exterminate the entire human race.

However, the disease is just one of the pieces that make up a vast mosaic, and discovering its design may not be that easy. Intrigues, machinations and subterfuges hide the truth, tearing it away from the doctor’s understanding.

To connect all the dots, Jake will have to cross a threshold beyond which many before him have lost the way of reason.

Are you willing to open this door?

Omen Exitio: Plague is available via Steam for PC, Mac & Linux.


The World of Lone Wolf ~ Grey Star 2: The Forbidden City

The second book of Ian Page & Joe Dever’s The World of Lone Wolf series, is now seeking funding via Megara Entertainment on Kickstarter for a Hardback Collector’s Edition. Featuring text revisions and a bonus adventure, Grey Star 2: The Forbidden City is also likely to feature new cover and interior artwork from renowned illustrator Gary Chalk – only if sufficient funds have been raised.

You are the Wizard Grey Star. Your quest is to retrieve the legendary Moonstone and with its power throw down the evil Wytch-king. You must find the Shadow Gate – doorway to the magic realm where it lies hidden. When the moon is full, the Shadow Gate appears – in Desolation Valley beyond the Mountains of Morn, where you must dare THE FORBIDDEN CITY.

The Wytch-king will try to track you down. His slaves will dog your every step – the cruel warriors of Shadaki, the phantom spirit of the Deathgaunt and the dark horror of the demon Kleasa. Only your magical powers and the might of your Wizard’s Staff can protect you in a terrifying adventure of madness, magic and menace!

The Kickstarter campaign ends on April 5th.


Fighting Fantasy: upcoming releases

If you missed last month’s announcement from Ian Livingstone and Scholastic UK, here are the new (and substantially revised) covers for the second wave of Fighting Fantasy gamebooks to be released on April 5th, including Charlie Higson’s debut adventure, The Gates of Death.

Bestselling author, and long-time fan of Fighting Fantasy, Charlie Higson brings his own brand of heart-stopping action, terrifying monsters and page-turning plotting to Allansia… expect the unexpected!

In this brand new addition to the multi-million-copy-selling Fighting Fantasy series, you – the hero – must respond to a call for help from the people of Allansia. Your quest to the Temple of Miracles in the Invisible City will be challenging and dangerous, and your simple mission will soon take a darker turn as you face the legendary Gates Of Death. On the other side waits the Queen Of Darkness, Ulrakhaar. To stop her, and save Titan from destruction, you will have to venture further than ever before… to the Kingdom Of The Dead.

All six books are now available for pre-order from major retailers.

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  1. Covers are HORRIBLE.
    Just remember the originals. Even the first american ones were gloriously ilustrated by Richard Corben.

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