The Death Knight’s Squire ~ a 5e solo gamebook

The Death Knight’s Squire is the first in a planned series of solo, DM-less adventures from publisher 5e Solo Gamebooks. A 100-page adventure set in the Forgotten Realms for D&D Fifth Edition rules, The Death Knight’s Squire is a great way to scratch your roleplaying itch, or it can serve as an introduction for new players wanting to get a taste of tabletop games.

Unlike standard gamebooks, the 5e Solo Gamebooks series include a map/token dynamic to make the experience like a full tabletop game, and you roll up your own player character as per a normal D&D quest. Sections of the map are revealed as you move through the adventure, encountering monsters, items and other occurrences. With over 350 separate narrative entries, as well as varied combat encounters, there are innumerable paths your quest could take!

It is the year 1349 DR, in the month of Deepwinter, as you make your way towards the town of Orlbar at the foot of the Greypeak Mountains, following rumours telling of a horde of treasure.

A mysterious knight has accosted an elderly, aristocratic couple travelling along a lonely highway, and their young son, Darek, is kidnapped by this towering warrior – an undead Death Knight living in nearby Weathercote Wood, who has chosen Darek as his squire to help him on his quest.

Lord Brewmont offers you gold as a reward to find his boy – 2000 pieces of it, to be exact…

The Death Knight’s Squire is played using two booklets: the Adventure Booklet ~ containing named entries that form the narrative basis of the adventure; and the Maps Booklet ~ gridded sections of the adventure map, where you can use small objects (miniatures, game tokens, coins) to function as player character/monster tokens.

Extensively playtested by experienced 5e D&D players, The Death Knight’s Squire includes combat, opportunities for spellcasting, use of diverse class feats/skills and more. The quest should take about 2-4 hours and is designed to be as close to the experience of playing with a DM as possible. (NOTE: It can also easily accommodate 2 players, or be run as a full party adventure with a DM and multiple players).

Now available to purchase as a hyperlinked PDF from Dungeon Masters Guild, The Death Knight’s Squire is an exciting new interactive format for lovers of fantasy gamebooks and roleplaying.

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