City of Thieves Collector’s Edition

The Games Collector, a UK company producing exclusive collectibles, are currently running an Indiegogo campaign for a hand-stitched full-colour version of Ian Livingstone’s City of Thieves Fighting Fantasy book. This sumptuously presented limited edition hardback is based on the beautiful handmade copy from Brazilian artist and designer Daielyn Cris Bertelli. Her original book design will now be further enhanced by The Games Collector, and will include all of the numerous envelopes and flaps that reveal items, maps and letters as you make your way around the notorious Port Blacksand.

YOU have played Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson’s Fighting Fantasy books before, but never like this!

The Games Collector brings Ian Livingstone’s ‘City of Thieves’ Fighting Fantasy book vividly to life in this sumptuously presented limited edition hardback. Experience the adventure as it leaps off the page, thanks to the handcrafted interactive features in this special edition of a gamebook classic.

This limited hardback edition of ‘City of Thieves’ from The Games Collector will become a treasured and much sought-after addition to the world of Fighting Fantasy. It adds a new dimension to the Fighting Fantasy experience with the inclusion of interactive cardboard components. Decide your next action by opening envelopes or lifting flaps to uncover jewels, gold and other treasures needed to complete the adventure and defeat the villainous Zanbar Bone.

The City of Thieves Collector’s Edition Indiegogo campaign page features plenty of images and details about this exclusive hardback edition. Scheduled for delivery in August, this is a true once-only opportunity to own a highly collectible version of this classic Ian Livingstone adventure.

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