Midnight Legion Book 2: The World Reborn

A Kickstarter for The World Reborn, the second gamebook in the Midnight Legion trilogy that began with Operation Deep Sleep, has just been launched, offering something new for existing supporters of the original book, or for those now wishing to join as an Agent of the Legion.

More than four centuries have passed since the Devastation engulfed the Earth. The species that remained were fused and reborn in the alchemy of atomic fire. Now their diverse descendants have claimed the planet. You are an agent of the Midnight Legion, tasked with preserving life and rebuilding civilization. Only one other agent remains, and she is somewhere ahead of you, racing for your last remaining base. Unless you can reach it before she does, she will seize the command center and use its ancient weapons to unleash a second Devastation. This time, if she succeeds, nothing will survive.

Your chase will lead you to new creatures, lost technologies and possibly even the clues your adversary leaves behind. But beware—there are no established paths across this constantly shifting land, and nothing is what it seems.

You are an android agent who had been activated after hundreds of years of stasis. Your scheduled mission is still centuries in the future, but your underground base has been invaded and you were needed to defend it. Unfortunately, it will take time for your memories to return. As you fought, tricked or sneaked up from the lower levels to the surface and your memories began filtering back, you realized that your mission is not what you thought it was—and you are not be who you thought you were.

Choose your strategy wisely, because every choice you make now will lead to different options later. The world has changed since you were put to sleep, and you will need to decide whether you are still willing to follow your ancient orders or whether you are ready to set a new future in motion.

The Kickstarter funding campaign for The World Reborn continues until March 2.

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