Frostgrave – FREE solo tabletop adventures

Joe McCullough and Osprey Games have made their First Edition rules for Frostgrave available for FREE, including a couple of expansions featuring several scenarios created for solo gaming. Frostgrave is a tabletop miniatures wargame in which you play as powerful wizards leading small warbands into the frozen ruins of the city of Felstad, in search …

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Tunnels & Trolls: Dark Temple

The long-unavailable solitaire Tunnels & Trolls adventure written by Stefan E. Jones and published by Flying Buffalo, Dark Temple, is available again! This massive 413-paragraph quest pits the player against the sinister Cult of Krestok. Sub-quests, random encounters and multiple victory conditions give Dark Temple great replay value, and the adventure has now been corrected …

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KICKSTARTER: Into the Dungeon

Now seeking funding via Kickstarter, Into the Dungeon is an illustrated choose-your-own-path gamebook with hundreds of different paths through the story. To be published as an A5 softcover with a matt-laminated cover, Into the Dungeon will feature 100+ pages, with black & white illustrations of monsters, dark passageways, traps, characters, loot and more, as well …

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REVIEW: The Spy and the Labyrinth

Gods and monsters feature in myriads of ancient legends, beliefs and cultural superstitions. Powerful beings that challenge mankind’s place on earth, their appearance asks questions of our origin and purpose, and suggests that our early ancestors were once subjected to stupendous supernatural forces and creatures of unimaginable magnitude. In Lewis Manalo’s The Spy and the …

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REVIEW: Sete-Ka’s Dream Quest

The rich history and mythology of ancient Egypt, and the influential importance of their many deities in Egyptian society, present limitless fantastical material for gamebook adventuring. In Sete-Ka’s Dream Quest you follow the story of the young Sete-Ka, Prince of Upper and Lower Egypt. Called upon by the goddess Bast during a terrible fever, Sete-Ka …

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