Tunnels & Trolls: Dark Temple

The long-unavailable solitaire Tunnels & Trolls adventure written by Stefan E. Jones and published by Flying Buffalo, Dark Temple, is available again! This massive 413-paragraph quest pits the player against the sinister Cult of Krestok. Sub-quests, random encounters and multiple victory conditions give Dark Temple great replay value, and the adventure has now been corrected and revised, featuring enhanced artwork and graphic embellishments by Steve Compton.

Take your character (fighter, rogue or wizard) on a mega-quest to the Province of Myre to find the Phoenix Scroll before the fanatics use its powers to rule the land. Battle trolls, dragons, bandits and sea monsters; explore ancient ruins; ride a Griffin under twin suns; travel the mysterious Plain of Obelisks; engage in mental duels with wily mages and evil spirits; lead a slave rebellion.

Ah the simple joys of life on the road! Plenty of fresh air, sleeping under the stars, new sights to see with every passing mile. While passing through the remote province of Myre, you find a pleasant inn to spend the night; a rarity in these parts. After spending a gold hekkat and three silver kabbobs on a mug of cider and a half a roast fowl, you settle down for a relaxing evening.

Suddenly there is a pain-racked scream from just outside. You rush out of the Inn, only to find an older adventurer gasping for breath by the side of the road.

“The cultists!” He gasps, as his life ebbs away. “You have to finish my mission… Take this key and map, do whatever you have to, but stop them from getting the Phoenix Scroll!” Those are the last words he ever utters.

Looking at the map you can feel in your bones that it will be rough going. Even the terrain looks deadly. Somehow, you will have to find the Phoenix Scroll and hide it somewhere the cultists cannot follow. But where to hide the scroll, and how do you even find it? Are the cultists truly evil? You met some of them in the Inn. They seemed nice enough. You do not have many answers, but all the roads lead to the Dark Temple.

The last, and largest, of the original T&T solitaire adventures, featuring cover art by Rob & Alan Prior, Dark Temple is suitable for low & mid-level humanoid characters, with adds of 10-75. Limited magic is allowed.

Note that you will need a copy of the T&T Rules to play it. Although Dark Temple was written under v5.5 rules, it works fine with version 7, 7.5, and Deluxe T&T rules (Mini-Rules PDF available here). Your character will have a slightly easier time of it using a more recent ruleset … but this is still a very tough adventure!

Dark Temple can be downloaded as a 65-page PDF from DriveThruRPG. Head to the Flying Buffalo website to discover more of their solitaire adventures.

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