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REVIEW: The Spy and the Labyrinth

Gods and monsters feature in myriads of ancient legends, beliefs and cultural superstitions. Powerful beings that challenge mankind’s place on earth, their appearance asks questions of our origin and purpose, and suggests that our early ancestors were once subjected to stupendous supernatural forces and creatures of unimaginable magnitude. In Lewis Manalo’s The Spy and the …

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INTERVIEW: The artisan philosophers at Cubus Games

The subject matter, mood and scope of interactive fiction has been evolving and expanding for some time now, with digital gamebooks regularly leading this advancement as they utilise the available technology to tackle content in a manner unseen (or impossible) in earlier print-based products. One of these innovators is the indie studio Cubus Games, based …

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REVIEW: The Lords of Benaeron

Jeffrey Dean’s impressively elaborate and skilful world-building has already been on display throughout the preceding volumes of his ‘Road Less Traveled’ series: both Westward Dystopia and Spire Ablaze have delivered detailed story-driven adventures overflowing with an assortment of interesting and complex characters, memorable environments and unique situations. Book 3: The Lords of Benaeron continues his …

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Shady Brook – A Dark Mystery Text Adventure

Unimatrix Productions have recently released Shady Brook, the second game (after Lifestream) in their Storycentric Worlds series of interactive fiction. Relive the days of classic gaming in this dark and mysterious text adventure that plays like an interactive novel. Inspired by the television series Twin Peaks, Shady Brook places players in the role of author …

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Beyond the Morning Mountains Vol One released

Trade Paperback and PDF editions of Tales of Quahnarren: Beyond the Morning Mountains are now available for sale. This first volume of a two-part adventure across the island continent of Quahnarren features 1000 sections (400 pages), is fully illustrated, and also contains numerous extras detailing this exciting fantasy world. An unexpected and devastating act of …

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More PRINT gamebooks!

For those who prefer to play their gamebooks in a traditional print format, there will soon be two ‘old’ series that will be available to purchase as printed books. The Gamebook Adventures series of apps from Tin Man Games are soon to be published as paperback editions from Snowbooks (who recently published Jonathan Green’s Alice’s …

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