Beyond the Morning Mountains Vol One released

Trade Paperback and PDF editions of Tales of Quahnarren: Beyond the Morning Mountains are now available for sale. This first volume of a two-part adventure across the island continent of Quahnarren features 1000 sections (400 pages), is fully illustrated, and also contains numerous extras detailing this exciting fantasy world.


An unexpected and devastating act of destruction leads you to embark on a life-changing journey across Quahnarren to the south-eastern town of Liust, where you hope to meet an old friend, find increased work opportunities and begin a successful new chapter in your life.

Your journey beyond the Morning Mountains will see you travelling across an ancient landscape, crossing spectacular high peaks and deep valleys of extreme natural beauty, and passing through vibrant large cities, industrious towns and various small communities. Along the way you will meet people with differing personal beliefs, attitudes and values, and encounter wild animals and mysterious spirits, finding yourself in many potentially deadly situations. To reach Liust safely you will need to exercise sound judgement and maintain a strong awareness of the constantly changing circumstances and likely dangers that surround you.

Throughout Quahnarren lay the scattered remains of those who did not survive their journey across this challenging and often inhospitable land – can YOU avoid such an undesired fate?


Volume One of Beyond the Morning Mountains can be purchased via the Tales of Quahnarren website, which also features further information about this new gamebook project.

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