Rhyl On Sea

Kismet Interactive Fiction (creators of Day of the Worms – the ‘gardening meets the zombie apocalypse’ text adventure) has just released a new detective noir adventure where you play a reporter in a small seaside town. Rhyl On Sea will see you caught up in the North Wales independence movement – when not dealing with the daily grind of finding newsworthy stories – which will force you to make choices that will then affect vast numbers of people.

Choose your stories and choose your allegiance.

Inspired by noir detective thrillers and the experience of living and working as a journalist in North Wales, ‘Rhyl On Sea’ is an interactive fiction game, which pitches you into a nationalist conspiracy where your decisions will decide the fate of entire countries.

Play as an under-equipped newspaper reporter in the fictional North Wales seaside town of Rhyl-On-Sea, and investigate the stories of the day.

With only a smartphone and your wits, uncover a deep dark conspiracy, thwart terrorist threats, and save the nation!

…or don’t.

One person’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter. 

Join the conspiracy, keep casualties to a minimum, and usher in a new enlightened age of governance in a liberal republic!

…or don’t.

Happy endings are for WIMPs!

Join the conspiracy, carry out mass casualty attacks, execute traitors, and create a new Stalinist state.

‘Rhyl on Sea’ is a darkly satirical text adventure, filled with humour, and difficult decisions, leading to outcomes which will change the world.

Isn’t the 21st century great?

Not in the sleepy seaside resort of Rhyl-On-Sea it isn’t.

Rhyl On Sea is currently available as an Android app in the Google Play Store, either as an ad-free version (includes a save game function), or an ad-supported version. An iOS version is planned for future release. The game also integrates Google’s Text-to-speech engine on Android devices, allowing players to have the game narrated to them.

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