KICKSTARTER: The Iron Uprising: Wanderer Gamebook+

Get ready to experience a brand-new adventure in the mountain of Eldrafell. You are Snurri, a lowly dwarf who finds himself on the run from vicious bounty hunters. The king wants you dead, you have no way to get home, and a dragon just bit off your arm. What do you do? Strap on a suit of power armor and take the fight to the bad guys!

The Iron Uprising is the second book in a series. It’s not a direct sequel to the previous title, Stormwing, but there are concrete ties between the two stories. If you’ve played through Stormwing you might just find an advantage for Snurri during the course of play.

The setting is the mountain stronghold of Eldrafell. While the nearest human settlement, Kalbud, is a tiny village, Eldrafell is a thriving metropolis. The humans of the surface travel by horse or on foot, while citizens of Eldrafell have access to conveniences that include motorwagons, plumbing, lighting other technological marvels.

All of this prosperity comes at a cost, though. If you’re not a member of the elite, then you’re a lowly worker. And if you’ve managed to fall from that precarious position then you’re one of the Dross, also known as the discarded.

Eldrafell’s success puts it at a crossroads. Can the King and his officers sustain the stronghold? If so, are their plans for Eldrafell and the world at large?

Already fully pledged, The Kickstarter for The Iron Uprising ends on Friday the 13th of November!

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