New Gamebook: Shelby – the adventures of a little mouse in the country

Shelby is the first gamebook of illustrator and comic book artist Francesco Mattioli, where you must help a little mouse find his way home. Originally written in Italian and later translated to French, the English version is a collaboration with Jonathan Green. So how does it work?

All you need to do is choose a path , then turn to the page number written on the associated arrow. By doing this, Shelby can explore his surroundings, find his home and family, and lead you to multiple, highly imaginative endings!

Mattioli is mainly known for his illustrations of gamebook maps and the Lone Wolf RPG. He is the chief editor for Vincent Books/Raven Distribution, publishing games like Lone Wolf, Choose Cthulhu and many more. Mattioli also illustrates the Italian line Dedalo.

Shelby is the first in an ongoing series of books to be translated into English. Though it is clearly aimed at children, we at GBN suspect that there will be plenty of grown-up fans who will enjoy it too.

Shelby is 64 pages in softcover and available at Amazon.

Check out Mattioli’s work on the official site.

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