Kickstarter: The Sekimeiya: Spun Glass — A Visual Thriller Novel

The Sekimeiya: Spun Glass is a mystery/thriller visual novel, currently in its last days of a very successful Kickstarter.

Created by Trinitite Team, the adventure game features an interesting storyline that delves deep into a thrilling mystery.

The discovery of a rare gemstone draws people to an exhibit held in Ashiya Tower. Just as the event begins, the tower is flooded with smoke and the emergency shutters activate, trapping 8 people in the tower for the next 12 hours.

With no clear facts about the events occurring inside the building, the public and police can only speculate. Why can’t the shutters be opened? Is anyone behind this, and if so, who? Are the people inside even still alive?

These questions can’t be answered until the time is up. Even then, describing the events that transpired might prove to be a challenge. Prepare for twists and questions that will keep you theorizing, second-guessing, and searching for the ultimate truth.

The Sekimeiya: Spun Glass features an expansive library of 50 different songs, combined with great graphics, and a broad character base.

  • 40+ hours of thrilling, intricate mystery
  • Search text and jump to any point in the story
  • Summaries and player notes system
  • Extensive soundtrack featuring an array of artists including Clayfacer, mistwin, Primate, and more

Check it out at the Kickstarter!

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