Newsbyte: Light Strikers Kickstarter, New Hosted Games Titles & Issue 1 of Advanced Fighting Fantasy Magazine

Tons of things are happening in the gamebook world right now! Here are four newsbyte morsels to whet your appetite.

A new Kickstarter has landed. Light Strikers is a new gamebook with an array of pledge offers — some of which include an e-book, a PDF, a print-out, and more!

In the world of Adamah, you’ll be a Light Striker super hero for the Altasharon Kingdom. Adamah blends high fantasy and sci-fi into an awesome anachronistic landscape. This place will be your second home. Culture is a crucial part of the game’s narrative-driven storytelling.

The possibilities to roleplay with your powers, skills, abilities, and background details are endless. The combat is filled with tactical choices and spur-of-the-moment creative originality.

Light Strikers is a game that’s centred around completing a storyline, plus an arc for your character along with your group of friends. It’s about crafting the hero you want to be and playing with that character until their story concludes to your satisfaction.

Light Strikers combines fantasy and science fiction in the form of a new table-top roleplaying game.

Check out the Kickstarter for more information.

Hosted Games are back with two new interactive fiction games. First off is Kidnapped! A Royal Birthday.

Escape your captors and endure your rescuers, but don’t be late to the ball! When you are kidnapped, you must take charge of your rescue and reclaim your rightful throne.

Kidnapped! A Royal Birthday is a 158,000-word interactive comedy by Charles Battersby, where your choices control the story.

Conspirators have imprisoned you in a tower and are plotting to usurp your throne. And it’s your birthday! Take command of the inept but well-intended crew sent to rescue you from your tower: a brazen knight, a snarky amazon, a cursed enchantress, and a humble peasant.

Fight the three-headed chimera, the two-eyed biclops, and a horde of insatiable gnomes! Wield swords, magic, or fight with your wits and grace. If all else fails, pummel your enemies with a chamber pot tied to a stick.

  • Play as male, female, or non-binary, gay, straight, bisexual, or asexual.
  • Act like a damsel in distress (or an imperiled person) and let your rescuers do the work, or grab a sword and fight your own battles.
  • Unravel the conspiracy behind your abduction and thwart your scheming siblings.
  • Side with the aristocrats or join a peasant rebellion.
  • Gain stature to prove that you are the one true heir.
  • Harness fairy magic to bewilder and defeat your foes.
  • Disguise yourself as an Elder Vampire, stare down a giant, and take a nap in a glass coffin.
  • Find love with any of your rescuers or marry a goblin. (You know you’re curious!)
  • Bring peace to the kingdom, or revel in the chaos of civil war.

Next up is Balance of Superpower — a science fiction game set in Washington D.C. in the year 2075.

You are Rio Ramirez, a superpowered person at an academy for augmented people like yourself, but mastering your powers and making friends is hard, especially when villains are about to strike.

Balance of Superpower is a 67,000-word interactive sci-fi romance novel by Rustem Khafizov.

You play as a non-binary person with the power of perfect balance, but do those powers extend to balancing school, love, and villain-fighting adventures? Will you date a girl whose body is made of an indestructible substance, or a guy whose powers randomize everything around him? Each route you choose leads to a different, unique adventure: will you go to the moon, or chase a superpowered serial killer?

  • Play as Rio Ramirez, a non-binary superpowered person.
  •  Determine their personality! Will they be extroverted and emotional or introverted and stoic?
  •  Raise your heroic stats. Will you be a hero who values stealth, a skilled fighter, or a hero who offers support to their allies?
  •  Befriend or date one of the eight other students.
  •  Ten unique endings, including a secret one.
  •  A deep, carefully-crafted world of superpowered individuals with lots of lore.

Can you bring balance to the world on the brink of a civil war?

The Warlock Returns, the debut issue of Advanced Fighting Fantasy Magazine by Arion Games, is out now on DriveThruRPG.

Issue number one features new material from fans of the Advanced Fighting Fantasy Roleplaying Game and the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks.

New monsters, new adventures, comics, and much more!

All buyers of the PDF version will receive a discount code for the POD version as well. Check it out at DriveThruRPG, and let’s hope more issues will follow soon!

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