Dan Heck’s Thomerion Series is Live on Twitch TV

Back in April of last year, GBN interviewed Dan Heck, author of the Thomerion series, a trilogy of interactive novels set in the exotic world of Ambrosinia. If you’d like to refresh your memory about this insight into Dan’s background, influences and work, you can find the interview here:

INTERVIEW: Dan Heck’s imaginative adventures – Gamebook News

As the next step in the evolution of his creative pursuits, Dan has begun interactive readings of the Thomerion series, live on Twitch TV, in which viewers vote as a group to steer the story. If you’re as intrigued by this development as we are at GBN, then head over to Dan Heck’s blog post and follow him on Twitch TV! 

 The Thomerion Series, now an Interactive Stream on Twitch.tv!

Here’s a little more information about the books themselves: the series opens with a nameless dwarven protagonist trying to cure his brother-in-arms of a mysterious disease. A cleric friend deduces that the disease is caused by the magical Seal of Thomerion, an imprint upon the victim’s forehead reflecting the evil nature of the god of destruction (of the same name: Thomerion.)  As these two quest to find a cure, you meet various new friends, encounter dangerous creatures, and make critical choices that can send the story in wildly different directions.

Book 2: The Gate to Thomerion is a continuation of one specific track within The Seal of Thomerion, set six years later, in which Bartleby the cleric has become quite serious with a prominent female character. Their love (and the fact that it needs to be kept secret) takes centre stage, while they battle to prevent Thomerion himself from entering Ambrosinia and wreaking havoc via a magical portal. To continue the trend even further, Book 3:  The Wrath of Thomerion sets this female main character (Titania, a half-elven former diplomat) as the heroine.

Overall, the series aims to become a bridge between the interests of the hardcore gamebook audience (containing a few basic mechanics as well as a game-within-the-story) and readers who seek the nostalgic feel of the original CYOA style stories. 

Tune in over at Dan’s Twitch TV channel. Check out his Twitch TV schedule to discover when his next interactive reading commences.


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  1. Per his blog, Dan Heck has discontinued writing the Thomerion series and will not be returning to it in the forseeable future, citing multiple personal issues including a divorce.

    I wish him the best.

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