The Demon Sorcerer

Written and illustrated by D.L. Lewis, The Demon Sorcerer is the first book of the new Demon’s Bane Series. You are a demon slayer, a loner, skilled with a sword and driven by the thrill of adventure. When the Demon Sorcerer begins to amass an army, you set off on a dangerous mission to avert war and halt the scourge of evil that is spreading out of the south. You can make friends along the way, and even gain travelling companions, but just like old-school gamebooks, you will spend much of the journey with only your trusted sword for company.

The Demon Sorcerer is a thrilling adventure gamebook with full-page illustrations and over four hundred sections where you can shape your own destiny. The book has its fair share of nightmarish monsters, fairy-tale creatures and, of course, demons. Each adversary has a set of ‘moves’ which they can use in combat. A night demon, for example, might try to curse you, strike you with their sword, savage you with their fangs, or use magic to heal their wounds. Each enemy will fight differently. In general, larger creatures are slower but can inflict higher damage, while smaller enemies are swifter but less deadly.

You also have your own unique attack moves, so are well equipped to deal with the terrors that lurk in the wild places. In addition, you can increase the damage of your attacks by finding weapon upgrades, but these are rare, so you will have to hunt around. Your character will progress from book to book, so any abilities that you choose in The Demon Sorcerer will be carried over into the next adventure, Army of Bones. In short, your character will become more epic with the completion of each quest.

Enjoy the book as a stand-alone adventure, or battle your way into the next book where evil forces will decide that you must be destroyed. (So much for being famous!) A nightmarish horror is summoned to slay you, and if you are to defeat it, you will need more than just your brawn and wits; you will also need to make allies out of enemies.

Taking many years to write and illustrate, The Demon Sorcerer and its forthcoming sequel were completed by D.L. Lewis during times of personal illness and misfortune, driving him to create new interactive adventures for those who enjoy old-school gamebooks thick with atmosphere and detail. Featuring strong and complex storylines with high replay value, both books of the Demon’s Bane Series have been created with a genuine love for the genre.

The Demon Sorcerer is currently available for purchase in paperback from Lulu, and will soon also be on sale via Ebay.

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