KICKSTARTER: Nemesis of the Nin Witch

Nemesis of the Nin Witch is a Woven Paths fantasy gamebook and the second in the acclaimed Scythe-Bearer Trilogy written by David Sharrock, continuing the tale from book 1, Malice From the Middle Vale. The hunt for the Nin Witch continues in another high quality, full colour, illustrated A4 gamebook featuring 800 entries! As with book one, replayability is paramount, so paths through the book are varied and will result in a very different experience depending on where you choose to go. Enemies, allies and familiar faces alike await your coming with eager anticipation. Perhaps more importantly, ramp up those stats, bulk out your gear and make the Scythe-Bearer the very best they can be before returning to reality to face your enemies.

The Middle Vale – wasteland of Mortun Pandi – stretches before you and somewhere in the depths of the dusty plains, flowing hills and dark forests, the Nin Witch Malice Varicella-Zoster continues to press north. Your brother Mop is still alive. Your quest is simple – find the witch and save your brother. But the reality may not be so easy. There is still the question of why Malice abducted your brother in the first place. What do the crimelords of the Fell city want with one Anglian boy? And what connection is there between the Shabble Mump Infargo and King Prentice Gwelenbryal, monarch of your homeland?

Nemesis of the Nin Witch will feature 25 stunning old-school b&w illustrations by Johan Tieldow, and if the required Stretch Goals are achieved during the campaign, another 10 illustrations plus at least two hand drawn maps of the Yarnian realm by Malcolm Barter (acclaimed artist of the interior illustrations for the Fighting Fantasy adventure, The Forest of Doom).

This Kickstarter campaign also aims to fund artwork for The Wyrd Pandemonium bestiary: an illustrated book containing more than 100 monsters, and the first release for the forthcoming Woven Paths RPG. This bestiary will feature 20 b&w illustrations by Huargo Illustrador (plus a further 20 if Stretch Goals are achieved) along with full colour plates by Tithi Luadthong and a series of b&w images by the author, David Sharrock. Shown below are impressive illustrations by Johan Tieldow (Jumble-man, left) and Huargo Illustrador (Alack, right). 

Nemesis of the Nin Witch introduces an entirely new and optional rule system called Totems. This provides the experienced reader with the ability to further improve and enhance the Scythe-Bearer, acquiring and honing skills which will undoubtedly aid you in your quest to defeat Malice. The book will also include a new Rules-Lite section for younger readers, newcomers to the gamebook milieu or readers more interested in the story than the game system.

For returning players who have completed the first book, all your hard won stat bonuses, gear, spells, Soul Stones and talismans can be carried over into Nemesis of the Nin Witch, allowing you to keep playing the same character. You will also be able to continue using the same character in the yet to be released third book, Quest For the Quintessence. If this is your first visit to the land of Yarnia, on the other hand, character creation rules have been tweaked to give you the head start you’ll need to face the more challenging foes and situations in book two. A full recap of the events of book one is also provided for newcomers to the story.

Kickstarter backers can pledge for eBook, paperback or hardback versions of Nemesis of the Nin Witch (plus copies of Malice From the Middle Vale and The Wyrd Pandemonium) and add-on items, such as a bookmark, moon logo dice, notebook, and a messenger bag with a stitched Woven Paths logo. The Kickstarter campaign concludes on May 3rd. Head to the Forever People website for more information about the Woven Paths adventure gamebooks.

UPDATE: a revised Kickstarter has been launched after this original campaign was cancelled due to a lack of support. This relaunched attempt has already surpassed its more modest total, so the project will therefore be published soon. Click here to visit the new Kickstarter campaign.

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