Tower Behind the Moon

Tower Behind the Moon is a 400,000-word epic fantasy novel by Kyle Marquis, author of Empyrean and Silverworld. An elaborate interactive fantasy featuring wizards and monsters, gods and angels, Tower Behind the Moon incorporates a fresh perspective within a well-established setting, incorporating your own apprentice and mentor in the storyline – both reflections of your own ambitions. You have the opportunity to shape the destinies of these two characters, yet your actions don’t take place in a vacuum; constrained by circumstance, you may end up sacrificing one or both.

You are the greatest magician in the Sublunar World. It is not enough. As a rare Conjunction approaches, immortality is within reach. But the gods have noticed you trying to unlock the doors of heaven. Some demand you ascend – or else – while others plot your destruction. There are only two paths for you now, archmage: immortality or annihilation.

You have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to transcend your mortal state one month from now, in the tower where your magic is strongest. Miss this celestial conjunction and you will die. As you prepare for your ascension, however, you battle increasing dangers.

Your tower is your sanctum, but also a target for enemies you’ve made over a lifetime of treasure hunting, sorcery, and war. Angels and demons haunt your workshop while mortal princes demand favours and concessions. Your servants – themselves half-gods or more – fight for your attention and scheme to claim the tower for themselves. And the wretched shade of your mentor, who failed to ascend, hints that something out of your past plans to destroy your future.

You hold the keys to heaven, hell, and the outer darkness. You just need to find the door.

  • Play as male, female, or nonbinary, gay, straight, bi, or ace.
  • Choose from five different magical paths, each with unique servants and spells.
  • Travel from the forgotten castles of the underworld to heaven’s crooked back-alleys.
  • Face mad dragons, ruthless angels, cultists, and whole kingdoms of the dead.
  • Be dreadful and monstrous, or subtle and ruthless.
  • Uncover the true history of your tower, your mentor, and your long-lost adventuring companions.
  • Maintain your humanity or abandon the fetters of reason.
  • Comfort the afflicted or vaporize the annoying.
  • Dare to seek love at the end of your mortal existence.
  • Become a demon, a god, an undead lich, a shining immortal, or a living continent – if you succeed.

Your weapon: magic. Your enemy: the gods. Your goal: immortality.

Tower Behind the Moon is now available for Steam, Android, and on iOS in the Choice of Games Omnibus app. It’s on sale for 30% off until December 27th. You can play the first four chapters of the game online for FREE at the Choice of Games website.

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