CHRISTMAS ROUND-UP: new releases and coming soon

Our round-up of interactive adventures is back for a pre-Xmas update. This month we have some new digital, audio and print products, an updated gamebook and new versions of a popular mobile game.


Bury me, my Love

Bury me, my Love is coming to Nintendo Switch and Steam on January 10th/11th. Inspired by real events and imbued with themes of love, hope and migration, Bury me, my Love tells the story of Syrian refugee Nour and her husband Majd as Nour undertakes a perilous journey to safety. The title of this story-driven interactive fiction comes from the Syrian goodbye phrase that roughly means “Take care, and don’t even think about dying before I do.” This phrase takes on a deeper meaning as players take on the role of Majd, who is forced to stay behind and can only communicate with his wife through their smartphones. By reading instant messages and choosing response options, players help Nour overcome the hardships she will encounter, with the story featuring multiple endings.

You can discover more about Bury me, my Love at the ARTE website.


Heroes of Urowen

An updated version of David Velasco’s Heroes of Urowen is now available for purchase, correcting the poor English translation of the original release.

Fast-paced and addictive, Heroes of Urowen mixes the best of fantasy novels, videogames and role-playing games into an interactive tale of adventure. Travel to a land full of magic and powerful enemies, where every choice you make may help to improve your chance of success. 

Fight to the death, upgrade your armor, gain powerful weapons, learn spells, discover treasures, gamble, get drunk in a tavern or enjoy other adult pleasures – all this and much more can be experienced in the mythical Lands of Urowen, where the road to becoming a hero will be full of many surprises. Create your character, choose your race and profession, and live the adventure in a world full of dangers, where every action and every important decision will mark your future.

Heroes of Urowen is written in the style of classic gamebooks from the 80s, but incorporates a new and very exciting game system, totally upgraded and directed to an adult audience. Featuring elaborate rules that allow you to enjoy dynamic battles, use magical and special items, and play at five different difficulty levels, this is a gamebook where you truly live the adventure, becoming a hero of Urowen!

Purchase your copy of Heroes of Urowen from David Velasco’s website.


Choice of Games

Death Collector is a 300,000-word interactive fantasy novel by Jordan Reyne (author of Choice of the Cat). As a Death Collector, your job is to visit the dying and harvest their stories by cutting out their tongues. Whether you seek fame, fortune, love, or renown, you’ll find playing Death is more than just a job. Will you be able to stomach the gore-work that is cutting the tales of the dead from their mouths, or will you find out how the Ministry disposes of their workers?

7th Sea: A Pirate’s Pact is a 200,000-word interactive adventure novel by Danielle Lauzon, set in the world of the table-top role playing game 7th Sea.

Looking for adventure at sea? You’ll get more than you bargained for when you end up joining a pirate crew. These pirates are known among sailors for having their own moral code, one that is now yours. You’ll have the chance to rescue prisoners, uncover a secret plot, and even build a navy to liberate an island fort full of slaves. But you’ll also be tempted to break your pirate bonds to seek your own gain. Would you still free the slaves if you could take out your own rivals instead? How far will you go to save your friends? And when you uncover corruption in your homeland, will you choose villainy or vengeance?

7th Sea: A Pirate’s Pact is available at 33% off until December 21st.

Visit the Choice of Games website for further details about all of their new games.


Spoken Adventures

The second episode of the Desperate Romantics audio drama, titled The Entrepreneur, has now been released for the Spoken Adventures app.

After a visit from the police, you decide to investigate Sarah’s Desperate Romantics matches, starting with James. But diving into the online dating world has its risks.

Available for Android and iOS, you can find out more about the Spoken Adventures app here.

Destiny Quest IV: The Raiders of Dune Sea

Megara Entertainment has released two versions of Michael J. Ward’s fourth Destiny Quest gamebook, The Raiders of Dune Sea. Available as either a softback or a hardback collector’s edition, both of these formats are supplemented with laminated A4 quest maps. Unfortunately, most Kickstarter backers continue to wait for the publication of the softcover version featuring colour quest maps inside the book, as was described during the funding campaign.

You can order The Raiders of Dune Sea from the Megara website.

Fighting Fantasy Audio Dramas

The four new audio dramas based on the original works by Steve Jackson & Ian Livingstone have now been released by Fox Yason Music Productions. Available as a Limited Edition 4xCD Boxset (including downloads) or as downloaded files only, the Fighting Fantasy Audio Dramas feature a full cast of voice actors plus the vocal talents of Jonathan Green and Kickstarter backers Bryan Howarth and Lin Liren!

Visit the Fighting Fantasy Audio Dramas website to order your copy of these exciting dramatisations.

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