T&T Adventures: Caravan to Tiern

MetaArcade’s Tunnels & Trolls Adventures has been updated and expanded, now featuring the brand new solo release Caravan to Tiern – the 18th adventure you can play for free within Tunnels & Trolls Adventures, and the 8th and final chapter of The Crown of Klade campaign arc (see below), which explores the origins of your character: a humble peasant from Grey Barrow embarking on a path of adventure.

Leaving Kasar, you continue fleeing the Grand Duke Ravasz after slaying his son at the start of Mistywood. The Duke’s rage knows no bounds – he has vowed to have you killed, so you continue fleeing east and hopefully out of his reaches. You end up in the town of Esuriat, which lies on the edge of the great Bijouwar desert. But the Duke’s relentless assassins have followed you, and now you have no choice but to try to cross the harsh desert. You’ve heard of strange creatures, mysterious cities and dangerous brigands hidden among the dunes. Will you try to trek it alone, or join the Caravan to Tiern?

The original Caravan to Tiern, published in 1989 as the 22nd solo in Flying Buffalo’s Tunnels & Trolls line, was written by Andrea Mills, and features Carl Lundgren’s gorgeous cover painting that beautifully captures the feel of the wild desert lands to the east.

Other recently released chapters of The Crown of Klade campaign include: the reworked and expand full-length solo A Sworded Adventure, in which you arrive at the gates of the Free City of Kasar, seeking special weapons; and Gamesmen of Kasar, where you play ‘the Game’ of mind-bending puzzles for wealth and fame – are you up for the challenge?

Available on iOS and Android, you can find out more information about MetaArcade’s Tunnels & Trolls Adventures on their blog, or read our earlier news post from 2017.

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