Quill: White Box

Quill is a unique letter-writing solo roleplaying game, but rather than having standard attributes like strength or dexterity, characters in Quill use Penmanship, Language and Heart. It’s something completely different – a game in which your creativity, craft and eloquence in corresponding with recipients from different scenarios is matched with a simple system of dice-rolling outcomes to determine if your letter is favorably received, or not.

The Quill: White Box supplement is a new way to experience this award-winning game, themed around old-school fantasy RPGs. For the first time, create a classic fantasy character from classes like fighter, cleric, thief, elf and dwarf, each with its own special ability to help you on your letter-writing adventures. Use the same character through multiple adventures – just like a Dungeons & Dragons campaign – gaining treasure and magical items like enchanted perfumes and quills to give you the edge. Also, true to the game that inspired it, you can actually die as a result of a bad letter, making writing that bit more intense as you wonder whether your score will keep you alive, or whether you will have to create a new character.

Quill: White Box features five new fantasy adventures:

  • The Demon-Haunted Tower – find a way into a mysterious tower that is slowly draining the life from a surrounding village.
  • The Elven Princess – bring two lovers together from different worlds.
  • Uncharted Waters – convince an old enemy to raise an ancient pirate from the dead in order to reveal a hidden isle.
  • Fane of the Underking – get your incredible story of dungeon-crawling heroism picked up in the city gazette.
  • The Beast of Nightwood – create a field journal documenting the existence of a mythical creature.

Treasure, fame and adventure are all yours with Quill: White Box. So prepare to step into a world of power hungry necromancers, hideous beasts and paper that can literally hypnotise someone. Prepare…for adventure!

Created by Scott Malthouse of Trollish Delver Games, Quill: White Box is available as a ‘pay what you want’ pdf download from DriveThruRPG. Note that you must also have a copy of the Quill core rules to play the adventures in White Box.

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