The Dark Eye: the Vampire of Havena

Ulisses Spiele North America have recently released an English-language edition of the popular German RPG The Dark Eye, set in the rich and immersive fantasy setting of Aventuria: a magical continent featuring lizard people, dwarves, orcs, elves and barbarians. The Vampire of Havena is a 64-page softcover solo adventure occurring within the city of Havena – a perfect introductory scenario to present the game world, rules and style of play in the full RPG within a gamebook format.


You hear the muffled sound of footfalls on wet cobblestones, then the sound of heavy boots stepping through puddles. You can’t see farther than ten yards in the thick fog that billows through the dockyards of Havena. You’ve lost track of your pursuers, but you’re sure they haven’t lost track of you. How can you get away? You never respected law and order quite as much as the priests of Praios said you should, and now this is the worst trouble you have ever been in. You cannot trust your eyes, and your ears even less so. Too many sounds echo in the streets—the hiss of an alley cat, the flapping wings of an old raven, and footsteps that seem to approach from every direction…

The Vampire of Havena is a solo adventure that lets you dive into the action when other players are not available. Every chapter presents new challenges, and you will need to muster all of your abilities if you wish to escape with your skin intact! Familiarity with The Dark Eye RPG or the world of Aventuria is not required—this scenario includes a ready-to-play character and all necessary rules.

A full-colour, illustrated gamebook adventure, now available as a softcover book from Paizo Publishing or as a pdf from DriveThruRPG.

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  2. I played it this last week and I really liked it — it works great as an introduction to the Dark Eye setting.

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