KICKSTARTER: The Dark Eye – Conspiracy of Mages

Ulisses Spiele has launched a Kickstarter for Magic of Aventuria, a 240-page supplement of new spells, magical traditions, and advanced and optional rules for their popular RPG The Dark Eye. Included in this campaign is a new self-contained 64-page solo gamebook adventure, Conspiracy of Mages, which is a great way to learn all about spellcasting for those who are yet to play as a mage, and offers an easy introduction for anyone interested in exploring the magical realm of The Dark Eye.

Are you frightened of the empty room, or the prospect of what lies ahead? Either way, your churning stomach doesn’t seem to care. The small bowl of millet gruel you ate for breakfast is not sitting well, and you feel nauseated. Magistra Moonhair’s cooking might be to blame, but what if this is no accident. After all, she delivered your breakfast. Did she want to make sure you ate it? Does she hate you that much?

So begins your day at the Lowangen School of Transformation, where you prepare to take your final exams. Fame and respect await all graduates, but a shocking crime threatens to end your character’s career as a mage before it even starts. Your choices help decide your character’s future. Can you unravel this fiendish mystery and still manage to graduate?

Conspiracy of Mages and the previously released solo adventure, Vampire of Havena, are designed to introduce new players to the mechanics of The Dark Eye with a pre-generated character and careful explanations whenever dice are needed to be rolled. Conspiracy of Mages is included with every reward level of the Magic of Aventuria Kickstarter campaign, and for those pledging for physical rewards, a printed version has already been successfully unlocked!

The Magic of Aventuria Kickstarter also includes a special offer ‘Essentials Bundle’ for players new to The Dark Eye. This discounted package of books includes the Core Rules, Aventurian Almanac and Bestiary (in digest-sized Pocket Editions), and the Vampire of Havena, providing everything a starting player will need to play the RPG.

The Magic of Aventuria Kickstarter campaign will conclude on June 19th. Visit Ulisses Spiele’s website to learn more about The Dark Eye, and for further details about the first solo adventure, Vampire of Havena, read our earlier article.

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  1. James Spearing

    Unfortunately, you need to pledge 89 euros to get a physical copy – i’ll have to wait for it to hit retail.

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