The Dungeon of Abkadev: a One Hour Dungeon

Based on a winning entry by Maezar in this year’s One Page Dungeon Contest for RPG modules, The Dungeon of Abkadev is the first One Hour Dungeons gamebook to be released from The Wizard’s Tower – a new publisher of adventures from creator Pieter Konink.

Taking inspiration from the minimalist sensibility of the One Page Dungeon format, books within the One Hour Dungeons series are designed to be concise – packing as much adventure as possible into a short-form 100-section gamebook. The Dungeon of Abkadev is written in an old-school Fighting Fantasy style, using a close variant of the rule system from Steve Jackson’s The Citadel of Chaos, where memorizing suitable magic spells is an important element to help you successfully achieve your goal:

At the close of an epic struggle between two titanic wizards, you are charged with securing the powerful Tome of Vyzx and ensuring that peace and stability will reign across the realms.

Do YOU have the skill, luck and courage to brave the labyrinthine horrors that await you deep underground?


The author has already begun work on the second gamebook in the series – this time a horror/mystery/historical adventure titled, Terror on the Orient Express, which should be available by Christmas. This is again based on a One Page Dungeon winner, and will be set in 1912 as you search for the famed Necronomicon while travelling from Paris to Istanbul on the Orient Express.

The Wizard’s Tower aims to publish further titles in the One Hour Dungeons series, together with a connected series of full-length gamebooks that will transport you between multiple worlds as you seek to find a portal back to your original location – the wizard’s tower – and the strange, unending forest that surrounds it.

The Dungeon of Abkadev is currently available for free, or pay what you want, from DriveThruRPG. To learn more about any of the current or future releases, visit The Wizard’s Tower website or facebook page for further details about these exciting new gamebooks.

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