The Lords of Benaeron now available

Jeffrey Dean has now released the third book in his fascinating ‘Road Less Traveled’ series of post-apocalyptic gamebooks – The Lords of Benaeron.

Lead a rebellion to victory in The Lords of Benaeron, a hybrid gamebook that combines a traditional branching-path narrative with a sweeping cityscape rife with opportunities for open-world exploration!

Tackle stealth missions, assaults, diplomatic meetings and calculated betrayal as the rulers of one of the last cities in the post-apocalyptic world of Jeffrey Dean’s Westward Dystopia plan their next move!

Recruit soldiers and volunteers by navigating fragile alliances!

Search for powerful weapons to aid your underground army!

Assault the palace of the Lords of Benaeron themselves as the clock ticks down ever closer to the day when everything changes forever!

A Road Less Traveled

To celebrate the release of this new adventure, book 1: Westward Dystopia will be on sale for one week from Friday 23 September. You can pick up the Kindle Edition for USD$0.99 ( and £0.99 ( and the softcover for USD$10.99 + shipping (Greek Winter website). This is a great limited-time offer for new fans to the series, or for those wishing to purchase the printed version with a 30% discount off the normal price.

Dean’s ‘Road Less Traveled’ series offers maturely written adventures in an inventive and intriguing world where your personal decisions have a notable effect on the storyline. The Lords of Benaeron will no doubt provide further exploration of themes involving manipulation, friendship, motive and mystery – all set within a grand tale featuring numerous unusual characters and highly imaginative environments.

The open-world structure of this new book presents even more opportunities to deeply immerse yourself in the various unfolding schemes within the city, so for anyone with a genuine interest in the gamebook genre, this is certainly one series that should be on your ‘must have’ list.

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