Kickstarter: Unravel Your Destiny by G R Jordan

The second book in the series Unravel Your Destiny, “Framed”, is currently on Kickstarter.
“Framed” is a tale where YOU are the hero, or rather the victim, having been found beside the body of your employer with a gun in your hand. YOU don’t know how YOU got there but if YOU’re going to avoid jail then YOU’d better find out, and sharpish!

This gamebook is a mix of murder mystery and action adventure gamebook as you explore the island of Dr Flavius Munroe, now deceased, and try to find out which of the invited guests has landed you in the frame for his murder.

“Framed” not only has different endings as most gamebooks do, but depending on your choices it also has different solutions to the murder. Each time you play, you may be up against a different killer. You may meet guests in different locations and be provided with different evidence, all leading to a different answer to the question, who framed you?

This interesting tale is brought to you by G. R. Jordan, with cover art by J. Caleb Clarke.
“Framed” is currently running on Kickstarter.

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