HAUNTED by James Shannep

Be afraid, be VERY afraid…

James Shannep’s latest gamebook takes on a decidedly horrific turn in the shape of Haunted, a click your poison book

Released in paperback and Kindle on 2.2.2022 Haunted promises 3 unique storylines, over 50 possible endings, but just one question: Can YOU be Scared… to Death?

Take a look at the blurb from the book!

The most frightening day of the year isn’t Halloween. It isn’t Friday the 13th. The scariest day of the year, in fact, is today–because today is the day you enter… The House.

After a mysterious invitation, you’re set to spend three nights in a severely haunted house as part of a television show called The Offering. If you can make it through to the end, you’ll walk away with one million dollars. But this game, like the uncanny inhabitants of the Tansky House, might prove far deadlier than any horror you’ve previously imagined.

Victoria Hancox, author of Nightshift and the new Scream Queen of horror gamebooks has this to say about Haunted:

“A terrifyingly well-designed gamebook. So frightening, I refused to read it after dark.”

If you’d like to get your pulse racing with a spot of gamebook horror, then you can check out James Shannep’s latest book HAUNTED at Amazon.

If you’re anything like us at GBN, you’ll be looking to pick up a copy post haste! 

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Article by KJ Shadmand

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