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Is GBN dead?

Not quite. Since we did not receive the funding we wanted from Kulturr├ądet (Sweden), we have no means to pay writers, and hence update the pages.

What about a Patreon then?

That takes time to run as well.

Sadly, the Patreon donation process is not as automatic as one wants it to be. Gifts/codes for download of games and other items, has to be sent out to the Patreons, usually one by one. Add to that the tax-situation of Sweden (added VAT and other adiminstrative work), means that the amount of funds we’d receive in a Patreon process probably would be limited.

So what’s going to happen to GBN?

At the moment, we have no writers and have no way to update the page.

I won’t close the page. It will stay up with all the information, I will keep updating everything behind it and it might open up in the future.

Please refrain from sending in news at the moment. We are open to discussions about running the site, but will not update with any gamebook related news, at least for the nearest future.

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  1. James: Well, the site needs writers. No one wants to do this with high quality, research, game-review-playthroughs and picture hunting without pay for long, at least…

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