Newsbyte: Lone Wolf Collector’s Edition & New Hosted Games Adventure

Holmgard Press recently published a collector’s edition of The Fall of Blood Mountain, book number 26 in the Lone Wolf series.

In The Fall of Blood Mountain, you must journey to the subterranean kingdom of the dwarves and attempt to save your ancient allies from the wrath of the Shom’zaa.

This collector’s edition features Brian Williams’ original illustrations and Destiny Most Dire – capstone to The Dire Saga, August Hahn’s epic collection of bonus adventures, illustrated by Nerdgore. This special print also includes a gorgeous new map from Francesco Mattioli, and striking new cover art from Alberto Dal Lago. The cover art will also be available as a limited edition fine art print.

You can buy the collector’s edition of The Fall of Blood Mountain via Holmgard Press‘ official site.

Choice of GamesHosted Games label has a new game avaialable: President Disaster.

You arrive at the White House for your first day as an intern. President Disaster snaps his fingers and points at you: “Hey! You! I’m appointing you my new Chief of Staff.” Now you have one month to get us to election day and save the world from the worst president ever. Are you up to the task?

President Disaster is a 35,000-word interactive humorous novel by Maeve Adams and Marc Faletti. It puts you in the middle of the messiest drama in American history. You’ll play diplomat, crisis manager, creative accountant, and national babysitter. Experience new scenarios and combinations every time you play. Decide if you’ll resist the dark side… or give into it!

  • Play as any gender and any sexuality as you try to get us to election day alive.
  • Begin your political career as President Disaster’s 34th Chief of Staff.
  • Make the life-or-death decisions that could save the world… or doom it.
  • Wrangle the strangest presidential family in history.
  • Choose fortune and infamy, or ethics and responsibility.
  • Dodge the President’s wrath or you might find yourself short a body part or parent.
  • Strike deals with other world leaders who look to you to save us all.
  • Defend our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms while we still have them.
  • Experience new scenarios and combinations every time through the game!

President Disaster is available from the Hosted Games official site.

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