Lone Wolf: complete series announced

Holmgard Press has announced its ambitious plan to release every one of Joe Deverโ€™s Lone Wolf gamebooks in print, in a format with a consistent look and feel โ€“ something that has never existed in print from previous publishers.

The series will be released in order, starting with Book One this year, initially only available in Hardcover, with a possible Paperback release to come depending on demand.

All 32 books will feature cover art by Alberto Dal Lago and cartography by Francesco Mattioli, and will be reviewed, revised and approved by Scriptarium, Raven and Project Aon. And, most excitingly of all, each of the 32 books will also feature original internal artwork from a single illustrator: Rich Sampson AKA NerdGore โ€“ illustrator for LW#30 Dead In The Deep. Hereโ€™s the first preview of new NerdGore art:

A stranger, clad in red, standing in the centre of the track ahead. He has his back towards you, and his head is covered by the hood of his scarlet robes. Perched on his outstretched arm is the black raven that you saw earlier…

Additionally, Holmgard Press are currently seeking feedback on which scenes they should select for publication in LW#01 Flight From The Dark. 20 full-page images from the book have been deemed indispensable, but there are 20 still to be created. YOU can help to decide what they will depict. Simply join their mailing list to receive details on how to contribute to the selection process of choosing which unforgettable scenes should be in the new edition of the book.

12 thoughts on “Lone Wolf: complete series announced”

  1. How many times are they going to try gouge people with overpriced hardcover releases? Won’t be buying until reasonably priced paperbacks are released.

    1. I had believed that they were planning to release paperbacks first, but clearly not so. The hardcovers will please those missing out on earlier releases or who have incomplete collections in that format.

  2. Is this to be concurrent with what magnamund.com is doing right now with Book #25 Trail of the Wolf “coming soon”? Can they not just release the rarer books (such as #21-29) in some kind of print on demand form already so people can finally get the ones they need without having to pay an arm and a leg on the second hand market? I feel like Ive been waiting for that forever.

    Promises of the whole series being released in paperback, that never materializes. Doesn’t seem like that tough of an ask. Who knows how long it will take them to get to those now, if they ever do.

    1. Concurrent is correct, John. They’re finishing off Joe’s final books and completing the hardback Collector’s Editions, and beginning this new ‘complete series.’ I can understand your frustration over their decision to start again from #1, and the possible lack of paperbacks, but it does make sense to release all the books in order, especially for anyone new to Lone Wolf.

      1. Thanks as always for the news Michael! I agree it makes sense to release all the books in order. I just wish they would release all the books at once through Amazon. Boom, books 1-29 available on same day. Problem solved. Then people could get the ones they needed or someone could buy them all at once if they wanted.

        1. You’ll never see them on Amazon while they’re publishing and selling online via the Magnamund website. Also, they’d have to wait for each book to be designed and illustrated before releasing at the same time โ€“ that’s a huge workload (and a massive financial commitment) so it would still take a long time before all of the books were ready.

  3. I had a complete set of the first 12 (Kai & Magnakai) gamebooks (Beaver Publishers, paper bsck). a Few have been misplaced over the years.
    Where can I find replacements and also the rest of the collection?

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