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A subscription-style service accessible via Patreon, Phoebe Avison’s The Walls Have Ears provides access to a new interactive story chapter every month, and allows you to cast your vote to influence what happens in the next chapter. Each chapter will feature around 1,500 words and be available directly on the Patreon page.

From as little as £3 a month, you get to join a guild of fellow Adventurers and help decide how the story unfolds. Different Adventurer Tier Levels hold an array of perks – the higher up the tiers you climb, the better the bonuses become. Some of the perks available include: limited addition artwork; being able to name a character in the next chapter; and The Hand of God Power, where you decide one of the upcoming choices for the next vote!

The Patreon page features a sneak peek of the first 3 story choices – detailed below – which you can vote on if you’re one of the first 10 Adventurers to sign up before February 28th.

1 ~ The Mysterious Disappearance At Hotel Malum Mortem

Your father, a prominent horror author, went to stay at the Hotel Malum Mortem in the name of research. Renowned for its gruesome history and strange occurrences, you warned your father against his visit, but he waved away your concerns. This was one week ago. You have not seen or spoken to your father since. After multiple unanswered calls to the hotel, you decide to take fate into your own hands and track down your father.

Will you find your father in the walls of the Malum Mortem? Will you be able to leave the hotel once you’ve stepped over the threshold? There’s only one way to find out!

2 ~ The Fae King’s Prize

You are warned not to venture too far into the forest. But your family needs food and the forest is home to a cornucopia of delicious delights. In the forest, a vile beast from the faerie realm attacks you and you vanquish it with magical powers you didn’t know you possessed. After accidentally discovering your affinity with magic, you are spirited away to the faerie realm and forced to be the Fae King’s rare, magic-wielding, human pet.

Will you obey your new ruler? Attempt to bring down his cruel reign and free humankind from the threat of his dark realm? Or will you make him fall for you in a bid for power? There’s everything to play for in this magical quest.

3 ~ It Waits In The Dark

No one has ventured outside their homes at night in your hamlet for generations. Because outside in the dark, something waits. Occasionally people escape the clutches of the thing outside, but those who return are tainted and lost to the darkness forever.

Will you solve the mystery of what lurks in the darkness and free your hamlet from its curse? Don’t get left in the dark!

Become a patron of The Walls Have Ears by visiting Patreon. Remember, if you do so before February 28th and are one of the first 10 Adventurers to sign up, you’ll help to determine Phoebe’s debut story by selecting your favourite genre and the most appealing storyline.

Additionally, you can visit Phoebe’s website, where she’ll be posting information about her other current writing projects: a YA Fantasy/Sci-Fi novel, and an adventure gamebook inspired by her love for the Fighting Fantasy series!

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