KICKSTARTER: Veil of Entropy: Norfolk Warriors

Norfolk Warriors is a single player strategic turn-based medieval fantasy CRPG, with gamebook-like branching gameplay. Attempt to defend your People’s right to live free in a world caught up in sweeping war involving gods, supernaturals and mortals. Carve your own path in this world, battle injustice, stand for those that cannot defend themselves, quell uprising factions bent on war and destruction, choose sides and advance your own agenda. Norfolk Warriors offers new ways to engage with your world: perform quests and adventures, cast powerful spells, gather resources, create potent potions and scrolls, apply powerful enchantments to your gear and, engage in dastardly deeds of assassinations, theft and espionage.

Orth is in crisis. The original gods Pele and Medeina are nowhere to be found.

Strange creatures are rising from the depths of the deepest oceans and coming up from the ground like lava seeping through the cracks from another world. Villages and Cities ravaged by all forms of beasts, both living and undead. All the while, vampires and were-creatures are vying for supremacy with no thought of the collateral damage they’re causing.

The elder-god Titan has been gone for nearly a millennia, but people of the north have heard his whispers. For those that are faithful and can free him from his icy prison, he offers power, glory and revenge on all those that have caused them harm. For those willing to give their soul, he will offer Immortality.

Built on the revolutionary Cohorts Game System created by Canadian developer Mouchet Software Corp, the first instalment of the Veil of Entropy universe features unique strategic gameplay that’s as rewarding for purists as it is intriguing for players new to the genre. Featuring familiar tabletop-styled gameplay, there’s immense depth to satisfy the most ardent of fans, with a fresh and exciting twist to welcome newcomers.

With open gameplay and multiple ways to achieve victory, Norfolk Warriors is an intriguing experience every time you play. Combine strategy and tactics to complete hundreds of quests and adventures, discovering new and exciting subplots within the rich and detailed tapestry of the Veil of Entropy universe. When brute strength isn’t enough, soften your opponents with powerful curses, dastardly thieves and deadly assassins. Concoct potent potions, enchant your gear and tame wild beasts to become your trusty mounts.


  • A strategic turn-based RPG reminiscent of play-by-mail games from a past era.
  • A strong ‘gamebook’ feel allows you to explore the deep storyline in unique and challenging ways.
  • Garner support from NPCs you meet along the way.
  • Use your team to affect change to the world’s political landscape.
  • Create relationships powerful allies, and deal with the fallout of their enemies.
  • Level up your characters, customising them to fit your goals and aspirations.
  • Create epic items of your own design by applying powerful Enchantments, Aegises and Corruptions.
  • Explore a huge world made up of 43,200 Provinces, 63 Kingdoms, and over 100 unique Races.

To be released for Windows 10 through the Microsoft Store, Norfolk Warriors is the first of 7 modules in the Veil of Entropy universe. You begin the game in the northern reaches of Eastern Continent with 5 characters: players can choose the Race, Class and Religion of each of these characters. There are 6 character classes to choose from (no restrictions on your race/class combination), with pros and cons to each choice (some character classes pair better with particular races).

Backers of the Kickstarter can pledge at levels that allow them to gain Early Access to the ‘Priest of Titan’ storyline; create a piece of gear, custom NPC or a monster; write a Custom Story of up to 5,000 words; or gain access to the Game Master Toolset, allowing players to mod the existing game world, or create brand new content of their own design.

The Kickstarter campaign for Veil of Entropy: Norfolk Warriors concludes on December 1st.

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