KICKSTARTER: The Necronomicon Gamebook – Carcosa

Embark on an interactive literary adventure with The Necronomicon Gamebook series, and experience firsthand the horrors told by the great masters of supernatural narrative. Following on from Officina Meningi’s successful first volume, Dagon, the second and last chapter of this saga, Carcosa, will draw you into the grim fantasies of Ambrose Bierce, Robert W. Chambers and Howard P. Lovecraft.

Traverse haunted places and come up against dark ancestral forces. To try and ward them off, you will use the powerful artefacts and ancient spells of The Necronomicon – if you don’t lose your mind first…

The Necronomicon Gamebook – Carcosa presents a faithful adaptation of Bierce, Chambers and Lovecraft’s stories (The King in Yellow, Nyarlathotep and The Haunter of the Dark), and as with the first volume, introduces unique gameplay mechanics and enigmas to the genre, adapting the game system to the narration to guarantee mind-blowing immersion. Armed with a pencil, a six-sided die and an adventure sheet you will fight enemies, collect weapons and items, test your Force and Will, discover secret paragraphs, increase your Madness and enter the Dreamlands!

Written by Valentino Sergi, and illustrated by Alberto Dal Lago and Jacopo Schiavo, Carcosa is a short gamebook consisting of 80 pages and 120 sections, available in softcover and hardcover formats. Backers can purchase copies of both books in The Necronomicon Gamebook series, plus pledge for a playset, artbook, leather slipcover, and original art by both illustrators.

Available in English and Italian, The Necronomicon Gamebook – Carcosa Kickstarter campaign has already achieved its funding goal, and will conclude on November 15th.

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