Pon Para and the Great Southern Labyrinth

Pon Para and the Great Southern Labyrinth is a 430,000-word interactive Bronze Age fantasy novel published by game developer Choice of Games. Written by Kyle Marquis (the author of three other Choice of Games titles: Empyrean, Silverworld and Tower Behind the Moon * ), The Great Southern Labyrinth is the first game in the Pon Para trilogy.

Chosen by the gods, you must battle savage monsters, corrupt priests, and mad philosophers to save reality from the dark god of destruction!

Years ago, in the Behemoth War, the forces of evil tried to destroy the world with Raun, the dark axe of destruction. Your parents united with King Hyras to win the Behemoth War and save the kingdom, becoming legendary heroes.

You have been raised far from the intrigues and corruption of the great cities – and from the plots of the gods. But after twenty years of peace, the pirate king Lord Vankred has found Raun. Under the threat of war, the gods grant you their powers. You must find the mad King Hyras and defeat Vankred before he can assassinate the King and shatter the Three Nations.

But the gods have their own plans for you, and so does the secret master of the Great Southern Labyrinth.

This adventure presents the player with something different to typical fantasy settings, offering instead a rather dangerous and wild world ruled by emotions and vendettas, where its civilisation now faces unimagined destruction and collapse. Your hero will be shaped by these quickly escalating circumstances, based on your reactions to the unfolding calamity and the personal choices you decide to make.

The Great Southern Labyrinth features multiple conclusions, and many imaginative elements, such as: a hell of iron wheels powered by the tortured labor of the accursed dead; remote-controlled assassins with golden arm-blades; moss golems; firebirds birthed from the blood of a murdered sky god; autocannibalising troll armies; and a mile-long battleship fighting a city.

  • Play as male, female, or non-binary; gay, straight, bi, or ace.
  • Defeat enemies with sword and spell, or make allies with diplomacy, deception, and the miracles of your god.
  • Train your companions in alchemy, infiltration, diplomacy, or the arts of war.
  • Explore haunted forests, corrupt cities, and jungles littered with the remains of a fallen civilisation.
  • Find friendship, romance, or rivalry with an immortal nymph, a desert thief, or an ambitious monarch.
  • Unlock secret magic techniques forgotten for centuries.
  • Survive the wrath of the Emissary Beasts to open the labyrinth’s final door.

The labyrinth holds the key to untold mysteries. Once you know the truth, whose side will you take?

Pon Para and the Great Southern Labyrinth is available for Steam, Android, and on iOS via the Choice of Games Omnibus app – further details can be found at the Choice of Games website. The first four chapters can be played online for FREE, and the full game is currently on sale until May 16th at a 30% discount.

* Note that all of Kyle Marquis’ previous games – EmpyreanSilverworld and Tower Behind the Moon – are also on sale at significantly discounted prices until May 16th.

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