The browser-based, gamebook-style RPG Sryth is currently seeking funding via Kickstarter to raise the necessary funds to continue operation as a full-time endeavor. Having now reached its 16th year online, Sryth’s creator, writer and developer, Matthew H. Yarrows, is on a quest to locate campaign backers to help meet the game’s operational, development and equipment costs (including a new and upgraded server, and related network hosting and domain expenses), and to enable the continuation and completion of story arcs, the addition of new locations and adventures, and the introduction of new game features.

Sryth is an epic single-player RPG experience where you assume the role of a brave adventurer (a character you create and customise). This story-driven game is comprised of more than 32,000 game sections and over 3.5 million words, providing many hours of adventuring in a detailed fantasy world. Players support Sryth through a variety of ways in-game, including the purchase of account upgrades (which provide full access to the entire game), special packages (which include rewards and bonuses), and by donating to earn rewards.

Campaign rewards on offer in ‘Backer Bundle’ packages include lifetime account upgrades, Adventurer Tokens (the premium in-game currency), exclusive and customisable items from the Everforged collection (Weapon, Armour, Ring, Amulet, Gauntlets or Shield), various exclusive items and game features, permanent stat increases, and more.

The Sryth Kickstarter campaign concludes on March 22nd. Visit the Sryth website to learn more about the game.

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